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    Intex Swimming Pools Are A Great Summer Investment For The Family

    July 18th, 2020

    Product review of intex swimming pools.

    As the warm summer months settle in, families everywhere are looking to escape the heat in any way possible. While staying inside a well air conditioned home is a good option, it’s rough on the electric bill. The simplest and most enjoyable solution is the Intex Swimming Pools. The Intex pool is perfect for homes will small children, small yards, or both and sets up in just minutes. Featuring a multi-layered design, the Intex 8 x 30 foot Swimming Pool can be setup and filled by just two adults in 10 minutes. The pool features an inflatable ring along the top to support the pool and as water fills the inside, the walls of the pool begin to stand up.

    The sidewalls feature three separate layers for extra durability and added strength. The Intex Swimming Pool comes with a 300 gallon-per-hour filter pump that has an adjustable bracket mount and features a built in surface debris skimmer. Users can even attach a hose to the easy access drain plug, allowing the water to be drained away from the pool area. A handful of users experienced poor performance from their pool’s durable sidewalls, but the majority of users found the Intex Easy Set Pool to offer the best bang for their buck. The low, reasonable price of the Intex pool combined with a reliable design made for enjoyable summers for numerous customers.

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    This Radio Flyer Tricycle Is Easy To Ride For Children

    June 28th, 2020

    Product review of radio flyer tricycle.

    What’s old is new again as is evidenced by this cool-looking, totally retro Radio Flyer Classic Red Dual Deck Tricycle. Perhaps you had one as a kid; now your child or grandchild can have a rad red Radio Flyer of their own! Highlights of this trike include the unmistakable cherry red color, a twelve inch wheel with steel spokes, rubber coated handlebars, and a chrome front fender. Kids will love the red and white tassels that fit into the handlebars and the little bell that comes attached. Parents will like the pavement-gripping rubber tires and turning radius as well as the double deck rear step which makes it easy for little legs to climb to the seat.

    Not only is the tricycle fashionable, fun and sturdy, it’s also a triple award winner. It’s winner of the Parents Choice Classic Award, the Parent’s Guide to Children’s Media Award, and also picked up the Seal of Approval from the National Parenting Center. Plus, the name Radio Flyer Tricycle has been in America’s homes since 1917. Despite receiving overall very positive reviews, customers did note that the recommended age of twenty-four months seemed a little young.

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    Stomp Rocket Jr Glow Kit Is A Worthy Toy Of The Year Award Winner

    May 24th, 2020

    Product display of Stomp Rocket Jr Glow Kit

    Sometimes a toy comes around that can be played safely indoor or outdoors, will attract a dozen kids in a park and have the durability to withstand it all. Well, the iParenting Media Award for excellent product and Top Toy of the year from Creative Child Magazine saw the exact same when presenting these awards. First, it is quite easy to use. The concept behind the Stomp Rocket Jr Glow Kit is that you put a “rocket” (made from light weight foam) onto the “launching pad” and then give the foot pad a big stomp. The force from the foot pad is what gives a blast of air through the launching pad and propels the rocket up to heights of 100 feet!

    Because the rockets are foam, they will not damage walls, or furniture and mom and dad, thankfully! It is great exercise for the kids, as it really gets the heart pumping while stomping and running around trying to catch the rockets as they fall. Also, no batteries are needed and it does not need another person to be played with. The entire toy is lightweight and portable, meaning it can be easily transported to the beach or a hotel. It’s irresistible, stomp! whoosh! and watch the rocket fly high! You just might find yourself wanting to join the fun.

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    An Adorable Mushroom Baby Pool Keeps Baby Cool and Shady

    April 25th, 2020

    Small product picture of baby pool review.

    This precious looking baby pool has a couple of unique features – a mushroom shade top that keeps them from getting sunburned and a bottom that blows up so it’s softer than the hard ground or driveway you might set it on. When I did my research for this review, it got a few mixed reviews, but it seems to be a pretty good option for the money. This baby pool is large enough for an older baby or toddler to play in, though it’s probably not the best option for a baby who can’t sit up well yet. The blow-up bottom would make it easy to get thrown off balance! The sides are low enough that a crawler can get in and out on his own, too.

    One interesting thing that some reviewers did was to turn this baby pool into an indoor, year-round toy. It can be a tent, a playhouse, or just about anything else with a little imagination. Lots of reviewers noted just how darn cute this little mushroom topped pool is, and I couldn’t agree more. The pool keeps baby and the water cool with the shaded top, though you might have to move it around as the sun changes angles. It’s a great size – easy to move around the yard, but big enough for a baby to do more than just sit in. The attached toys are really entertaining for little ones, though there are some small parts that you’ll have to watch your youngest babies with. According to a few reviews, this baby swimming pool really just doesn’t last very long, and it’s not made of super durable plastic.

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    The PlasmaCar Is Sleekly Designed Twist Car That Actually Works

    April 10th, 2020

    Product review of plasmacar.

    Looking like something from the space age, the PlasmaCar is a sleekly designed, people-powered vehicle using the physics concepts of centrifugal force and gravity to provide the motion. With no batteries to recharge and no pedals to propel the car, it is an award-winning marvel of engineering. The car is powered by simply turning the wheel creating forward motion. To slow the car, simply stop turning the wheel. Just put your feet down to make it stop. The PlasmaCar is very simple to put together and comes in a variety of great colors and can support up to 220 pounds so adults can take a whirl also.

    Although the design is enticing, several reviewers were disappointed that the car requires a perfectly smooth and flat surface to operate at more than a snail’s pace. Children become frustrated at the slow pace on a level sidewalk. The perfect surface for achieving some speed is a smooth concrete garage floor or wood gymnasium floor, but kids want to enjoy riding on the sidewalk or driveway. A number of reviewers reported that the PlasmaCar is not well constructed and there were problems with wheels and other parts not staying in place. The car also cannot be left outside in wet weather or metal parts may rust making it inoperable. One reviewer pointed out that the instructions state that it can damage wood floors, a surface where the car operates well.

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    Radio Flyer Little Red Wagon Is Durable Wagon For Kids Toys

    March 8th, 2020

    Product review of radio flyer little red wagon.

    This sweet little red wagon is made just like the larger versions with a bright red steel body. At a mere 12” long by 7 5/8” wide and 2” deep and weighing only 2.2 pounds; it really is miniature in size. Meant for children aged 18 months and up, it is safely designed with seamless steel and a Safe-T-Design sold grip handle. This Radio Flyer Little Red Wagon is a perfect introduction for a toddler to the maker’s line of larger wagons. This little wagon is described as perfect for creating a gift basket. Several reviewers agreed that this is an ideal purpose and have filled the wagon with baby items for a unique shower gift.

    Other reviewers have used it to display antique toys or hold flowers in the garden. Quite a few parents state that the wheels do not turn easily. They also note that the wagon is very small and appropriate only to put a few small toys in. It is not meant to be a wagon that children ride in; rather it is described as a miniature wagon for pulling a stuffed animal or doll around in. Several parents note that even one or two year olds find the handle too short for them to comfortably stand and pull the Radio Flyer Little Red Wagon.

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    Step 2 Waterwheel Play Table Is A Creative Kids Water Table

    February 16th, 2020

    Product display of step 2 waterwheel play table.

    Nothing is more fun or fascinating to a small child on a hot day than playing in the water! The Step 2 Waterwheel Play Table makes this an enjoyable, safe, and creative activity for children ages 12 months to four years old. Parents will love the ease of assembly and the quick double drain feature for removing the water. They can also rest assured that their child is spending quality time playing in the fresh air with a safe toy. Hours of creative play await the lucky toddler who has this great water toy. Water can be dipped up in the cup then poured into the funnel that lets water flow over the spinning wheel.

    The water then flows into the molded harbors, canals, and lakes. There are even little sailboats to float in the bays and lakes. Any additional waterproof toy can be used with this water table making for endless play ideas. Sturdily built, the table is just the right height for little ones to play safely. Three children can comfortably fit around the table encouraging creative group play. Different levels inside the water table ensure that different height children can easily be accommodated. When the weather is cool, the table can be used as a sand box by filling with play sand.

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    Solar Pool Cover Will Keep The Water In Your Pool When You’re Out

    December 14th, 2019

    Small product picture of solar pool cover review.

    If you have owned an above ground pool for any time, you know that leaving it uncovered will lead to quick evaporation, requiring you to constantly fill it. And then you are going to spend most of your time cleaning out bugs and leaf litter. But the Intex 59953E Krystal Clear 12 Foot Solar Pool Cover will help you avoid all of the hassles with your Intex above ground pool, so you can spend your time enjoying it, instead of cleaning it. Not only does the product install easily (it just floats on top of the water) but it keeps the water warmer, too. Instead of having to give up your pool in September, you should be able to enjoy it into October or longer (if you’re further south).

    Many of the reviews I investigated online showed a real appreciation for how easy this solar pool cover installed. It’s very easy to unroll and install, since it floats on the water, just under the lip of the pool. You have to be sure to get just the right size for your pool, though, as it is designed for an exact fit.There are two major complaints on the Intex solar cover. First, the cover is prone to ripping if you aren’t careful. Any transportation of the cover is another chance for it to be damaged, so you should try to keep it in the included carrying case whenever it isn’t on top of the pool. The other major complaint shared by reviewers online is that it’s very difficult to get the cover back in its carrying case. So you are going to have a hard choice to make: struggle with putting the cover in its case, or risk ripping it as you transport it.

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