Stomp Rocket Jr Glow Kit Is A Worthy Toy Of The Year Award Winner

Last Updated on May 24, 2020 by Cassie Lyons

Sometimes a toy comes around that can be played safely indoor or outdoors, will attract a dozen kids in a park and have the durability to withstand it all. Well, the iParenting Media Award for excellent product and Top Toy of the year from Creative Child Magazine saw the exact same when presenting these awards. First, it is quite easy to use. The concept behind the Stomp Rocket Jr Glow Kit is that you put a “rocket” (made from light weight foam) onto the “launching pad” and then give the foot pad a big stomp. The force from the foot pad is what gives a blast of air through the launching pad and propels the rocket up to heights of 100 feet!

Because the rockets are foam, they will not damage walls, or furniture and mom and dad, thankfully! It is great exercise for the kids, as it really gets the heart pumping while stomping and running around trying to catch the rockets as they fall. Also, no batteries are needed and it does not need another person to be played with.

The Positives
iParenting Media Award for excellent product and Top Toy of the year. The perfect indoor or outdoor toy. Kid toy rocket has 4 safe, foam rockets, launch pad, hose, stand. Kids easily give this kids rocket power to propel into the air. You can order stomp parachutes and spin copters from the manufacturer.

The Negatives
The connection of the hose to the base has a cheap wingnut attachment. The fins on the rocket are a bit flimsy.

So What’s The Scoop?
The entire rocket kit is lightweight and portable, meaning it can be easily transported to the beach or a hotel. It’s irresistible, stomp! whoosh! and watch the rocket fly high! You just might find yourself wanting to join the fun.

Stomp Rocket Jr Kids Rocket.

Rocket Toy.

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