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    Radio Flyer Big Flyer Is A Fast And Cool Big Wheel Bike

    June 27th, 2020

    Product review of radio flyer big flyer.

    There’s nothing cooler to a little boy than his very own big wheeled bike. If you have a son who is anywhere from three years to seven years old and are in the market for a tricycle, then check out this Radio Flyer Big Flyer 79S tricycle. Radio Flyer has given this bike a big wheel update for today’s little boys. Probably the greatest feature that parents will like is the adjustable seat that allows the tricycle to grow with your little guy. The three adjustable seat positions ensure your son will get years of enjoyment out of this trike. The tires, too, are ideal for riding; the large front tire has a gripping tread, and the rear tires are wide for an added tip-resistant bonus.

    The racing pendant will make the trike cool in your tyke’s eyes, but more visible to passerby’s and cars. Real chrome handle bars with molded handgrips round out the features on this Radio Flyer tricycle. Overall, customer reviews on Amazon noted the bike’s well made durability. Most commented on its ease of assembly, great look, and strong construction. However, some reviewers did note their children had trouble pedaling up even small hills.

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    This Cheap Mountain Bike Offers A Steel Frame And Caliper Brakes

    June 12th, 2020

    Product review of cheap mountain bike.

    Finally, summer has come and brought with it great biking weather. Itching to explore new territories? The Pacific Stratus Men’s Mountain Bike is definitely worth a look. This is a well-built bike that proves also to be a smart buy. This twenty-six inch frame mountain bike is crafted with a sturdy steel mountain frame plus a mountain handlebar and stem. Steel wheels ensure a good ride, even over the toughest off-the-beaten-path trail. Even and safe braking on any terrain is a sure thing with the bike’s front and rear steel caliper brakes. Want to shift gears quickly and easily? No problem. This men’s bike comes equipped with Torque drive fifteen gear thumb shifters.

    To round out the features on this bike is a one-piece MTB crank. As you can see, this men’s cheap mountain bike comes complete with a wide range of features. This cheap mountain bike is also a great value, too. Talk about getting your money’s worth! It’s the ultimate economical mountain bike without the cheap, flimsy construction. Stylish and sleek, this bike will get you where you want to go safely and won’t compromise your budget. What are you waiting for? Go ahead, give it a spin!

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    The Delta Airzound Bike Horn Is A Loud And Effective Horn

    May 24th, 2020

    Product review of delta airzound bike horn.

    It’s inevitable if you’re riding a bike: some car, not paying attention, with pull a crazy maneuver that puts you in danger. In a situation like this, a tiny, polite ding from a traditional bike bell is simply not going to do the trick; in this case, you need a loud attention grabber like the Delta Airzound Bike Horn. There are three main factors that make this product worth checking into. First and foremost, the Delta Airzound Bike Horn promises loud sounds at the touch of your finger. In fact, the Airzound can reach up to 115 decibels, but also comes with a control for volume which helps in different environments. This is important when considering biking around quiet neighborhoods.

    Next, the Airzound requires no batteries or cartridges and is refillable with any standard bike pump. Third, Delta offers a lifetime warranty on manufacturer defects. Also, installation is easy as the unit fits right on your bike’s handlebar. Customers on Amazon felt this product really contributed to the safety of their bike rides, and noted the unit does produce very loud sounds. It should be noted, though, that several reviewers have noticed the loud sound can scare pedestrians and felt this product should be used by mature, safety-minded adults.

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    Schwinn Roadster Tricycle Has An Adjustable Seat For Comfort

    March 9th, 2020

    Product review of schwinn roadster tricycle.

    Are you looking for a fun way for your kids to get some exercise and do it in style? Does the name Schwinn evoke memories from your childhood? If so, then the throwback style of a Schwinn trike may just be what you are hoping to find. The Schwinn Roadster 12-Inch Trike has retro styling and chrome handlebars with long tassels and a bell. It sports a wide design that contributes to it having a low center of gravity. This low center of gravity helps to prevent the trike from tipping over. It does not have brakes but does boast an adjustable, sculpted seat that provides comfort and support, which is a nice addition.

    The trike has rubber tires with tubes in both the front 12-inch and the two back 8-inch tires. Online reviews have reported numerous problems with the tires going flat and replacement tubes being hard to find. The frame is made from full steel heavy-duty construction, but a poor quality finish on some have led to a premature rusting of the trike. The Schwinn Roadster Tricycle can provide hours of fun and miles of smiles for any child. They will be peddling their way to fun in no time.

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    GMC Topkick Mountain Bike Is A Versatile All Terrain Bike

    January 5th, 2020

    Product display of gmc topkick mountain bike.

    Riding a bike can be a great way to get some exercise as well as sightsee around your neighborhood. Finding a good dependable bike can often be difficult with so many features to choose from. The GMC Topkick Mountain Bike comes with a lot of features you want in an all terrain type of bicycle. In addition to the large tread mountain bike tires, it also comes with a dual suspension frame to cushion your ride over bumpy roads. This particular model also includes the popular Shimano gears for a smooth transition from one speed to the next. You can ride with surety knowing the Promax disc brake system is there to stop you in a hurry if you need it.

    The frame is made of a lightweight aluminum so moving your bike around when you’re not on it is easy to do. Overall this bike is comfortable to ride for long periods of time and the shocks take the beating of any gravel or debris you ride over, so your joints don’t have to. There is some assembly required so be sure to have a hex wrench on hand. Just tighten a few key nuts and bolts, and you’ll be off riding in style around your neighborhood in no time.

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    The Allen Tension Bar Bicycle Cross Bar Adapter Fits Most Bikes

    January 1st, 2019

    Product display of Allen Tension Bar Bicycle Cross Bar Adaptor review.

    A fantastic way to get your bikes from place to place is a sturdy bike rack. A crucial piece of equipment to make this possible is a cross-bar that your bikes hang from while on the bike rack. A particular bar that is very stout and capable of putting the bike in its place is the Allen Tension Bar Bicycle Cross Bar Adaptor. Reports are that even at high highways speeds, like 70 mph, you can feel confident that even your expensive Trek will stay in place and you won’t see your bike tumbling down the road in your rear view mirror. There’s rubber coatings on both ends that prevents scratching your bike’s sleek finish.

    The tension bar expands to any size bike, (woman’s, child’s, or youth’s bike onto a standard hitch mount bike rack) which is nice if you’re a female and have a smaller sized bike. The resize mechanism is quite easy, takes only a few seconds and then you’re ready to load the bike onto your rack. It’s a well constructed unit (internal spring keeps your bikes secure) and designed to last a lifetime. If you’re looking for a quality cross bar that fits nearly any bike size, this Allen Cross Bar exceeds on a lot of points and you should dig it!

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    Sigma Bike Computer Offers Nine Different Tracking Functions

    August 2nd, 2018

    Product review of sigma bike computer.

    Biking is a wonderful sport and hobby for many. From enthusiasts to casual riders, keeping track of performance while on a bike is important. The Sigma BC906 9-Function Topline Wired Bicycle Speedometer helps the bicyclist do just that. This Sigma Speedometer has nine functions. Compare your average speed with your actual speed and see your maximum speed as well as keep track of both trip and total distances. The bike computer lets you see your total and trip riding times. Easily mounted without any needed tools, the Sigma Bike Computer comes with a three-volt lithium CR2032 battery plus a low battery warning indicator.

    It features a watertight construction, and is known to be programmed without much difficulty. Seven languages are available for programming. Customers on Amazon have given overall positive reviews of the Sigma Speedometer, noting it’s simple installation and accurate, easy to read LCD display. Some customers did note the accompanying manual did seem a bit difficult to follow at first. Whether you’re a serious cyclist or just enjoy taking rides through your neighborhood, the Sigma Bike Computer is certain to meet all your needs.

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    Garmin Edge 500 Bike Computer Features A Highly Sensitivity GPS

    August 1st, 2018

    Small product picture of garmin bike computer review.

    Riding a bicycle isn’t an activity just for kids, but is in fact a great way for adults to get outside and get some good exercise. Those who take their cycling seriously enjoy knowing how far they’ve gone, how many calories they’ve burned, and other details about their exercise. Previously, the only ways to do this were to ride a stationary bike inside or punch the information manually into a computer program after your ride. Now you can enjoy a good ride outside while getting instant feedback on your exercise with the Garmin Edge 500 Cycling GPS. This Garmin bike computer is specially designed for use on bicycles and features a lightweight design.

    The unit is capable of tracking your distance, speed, location and elevation courtesy of its highly-sensitive GPS. When teamed with a heart rate monitor, the Garmin is even capable of monitoring heart rates and tracking calories burned. There are a variety of GPS units available on the market these days, ranging from larger mounting units like this to smaller, wrist watch sized models. Choosing the one that is right for each individual will depend on their individual needs. While most online reviewers were pleased with their Garmin Edge 500 bike computer, a handful of reviewers found a major problem with their unit. Several reviewers commented that their Edge unit would appear to track all their data during a ride, but none of the information was there to download when they got home. This happened to a number of users and is a crucial error in a system designed to provide information for analysis later on. Although most users were happy with their purchase of the Garmin Edge 500 Cycling GPS, it is worth taken extra caution before spending a hefty chunk of change given multiple users experienced data loss on their units on several occasions.

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