Step 2 Waterwheel Play Table Is A Creative Kids Water Table

Last Updated on February 16, 2020 by Cassie Lyons

Nothing is more fun or fascinating to a small child on a hot day than playing in the water! The Step 2 Waterwheel Play Table makes this an enjoyable, safe, and creative activity for children ages 12 months to four years old. Parents will love the ease of assembly and the quick double drain feature for removing the water. They can also rest assured that their child is spending quality time playing in the fresh air with a safe toy. Hours of creative play await the lucky toddler who has this great water toy. Water can be dipped up in the cup then poured into the funnel that lets water flow over the spinning wheel.

The water then flows into the molded harbors, canals, and lakes. There are even little sailboats to float in the bays and lakes. Any additional waterproof toy can be used with this water table making for endless play ideas. Different levels inside the water table ensure that different height children can easily be accommodated. When the weather is cool, the table can be used as a sand box by filling with play sand.

The Positives
Wide receptacle funnels water over spinning wheel, into inner and outer harbors. Molded-in sections create moats, lakes, canals, and harbors. Elevated design makes play accessible while keeping children out of the dirt or mud. Comes with 4-piece accessory set with boats, cup, and water wheel tower. This imaginative water play center encourages hours of outdoor fun.

The Negatives
Some have said that the plugs at the bottom leak. The table does not have a lid to keep bugs and such out of the water.

So What’s The Scoop?
Sturdily built, the waterwheel table is just the right height for little ones to play safely. Three children can comfortably fit around the table encouraging creative group play.

Step 2 Waterwheel Activity Play Table.

Waterwheel Play Table.

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