The 31 Picnic Thermal Tote -Perfect picnic bag?

Last Updated on January 22, 2019 by Cassie Lyons

This 31 Picnic Thermal Tote is available in 13 unique prints. The tote is bigger than their classic thermal tote and can even hold up to two 2-liter bottles! It’s great for camp outs, study group, picnics or soccer games. This tote is great for college students who spend all day on campus and want to pack their own snacks and lunch. It’s insulated to keep cool things cool and warm things warm.

The 31 Picnic Thermal Tote is 13”H x 11”L x 6”D and has a durable nylon exterior. Water-resistant thermal lining keeps your food safe even in the pouring rain and its zip-around closure gives easy access to the contents. The tote comes with a detachable strap to be able to pack in a bag without the hassle of a strap getting in the way. It comes with a big front pocket to be able to pack silverware and napkins easily.

The Positives
Some of the positive comments customers made about the tote were it’s lightweight, plenty of patterns, and that it holds 4 water bottles plus food.

The Negatives
There were a couple negative comments in the reviews left by customers. The main one’s being that the one strap is very long and there are no handles.

So What’s The Scoop?
This product is great for using as a cooler for a picnic at the park, college student with long school hours, or even on a road trip. The 31 Picnic Thermal Tote is a stylish product for anyone to use and is worth the money.

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