NYX COSMETICS Green CC Cream- Is Green YOUR Color?

Last Updated on August 31, 2020 by Cassie Lyons

NYX COSMETICS Green CC Cream is a CC cream that goes from green to a sheer skin tone of either light/medium or medium/deep. It can be used as a primer to be put on before your foundation or can stand by itself for a natural look with light coverage. The purpose of the green tint is to help hide redness in the skin by using contrasting colors. The bottle is easy to identify because it is white and green and comes only in a 1.01 oz. squeezable tube.

The Positives

This cc cream doesn’t clog pores or increase oiliness, and acts as a good primer for powder or liquid foundation. It also blends into the skin well without leaving behind any hint of green or being too thick and cakey. The price is also decent especially when this cc cream seems to be better quality than the Tarte BB Cream I tried just before this.

The Negatives

The quality of this product is not what a have quarrels with, but the color options. As an extremely fair skinned individual, the light/medium shade doesn’t suit me whatsoever- even with this being an extremely sheer CC cream. But it isn’t just my skin tone that isn’t suited for this product- anything darker than a slightly bronzed skin tone probably won’t be able to use this product. It’s unfortunate, but many individuals don’t even have the option to use this product due to its lack of variety in shades.

So What’s The Scoop?

NYX COSMETICS Green CC Cream is a CC cream meant to cancel out redness in the face by having a green tinge. This product is light, feels soft and natural, and is pleasantly priced. The only error in the creation of the product is the fact that there are only two shades! And these shades are so similar that the skin tones they are made for are nearly identical. If you fit that small spectrum, I highly suggest this product; if not, well we’re out of luck.



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