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    For Great Sewing Machines For Beginners Check Out Brothers

    September 30th, 2019

    Small product picture of a sewing machines for beginners review.

    If you’re looking for sewing machines for beginners, the Brother Lightweight Basic Sewing Machine is the perfect instructional tool. It’s lightweight, portable and easily converts from a flatbed to free-arm sew surface. It features a user-friendly design that has a quick bobbin wind, tension dial and snap-on presser feet. You can also enjoy multiple stitch functions and an automatic 4-step buttonholer, as well as a built-in organizer and light bulb for added illumination. This 110-volt machine has it all and continues to be a top choice for beginners. It can be difficult to find sewing machines for beginners, as consumers don’t want to spend too much money.

    But, most still expect a quality machine that’s easy to use and won’t leave beginners frustrated. The Brother small sewing machine is the perfect balance, as it’s affordable and doesn’t compromise ease-of-use. Product owners report that this machine makes sewing enjoyable and fun and is perfect for easy sewing projects. Other beginner machines, such as the Singer Stitch Sewer Machine, left product owners a bit irritated as the thread caused the stitching to bunch up and jam the machine. While the Brother beginner sewing machine didn’t have these issues, some online reviews found the machine went only at full speed or nothing, with no happy medium. Fortunately, the majority of online reviews found no issues with the various speeds, which were suitable for small projects. Overall, this is a great sewing machine that will get adults and kids excited about sewing!

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    Mini Sewing Machine Comes In Handy For Anything From Silk To Denim

    April 23rd, 2017

    Small product picture of a mini sewing machine review.

    The Michley Mini Sewing Machine is a powerful system that offers precise stitch control on everything from denim to cotton. With two speeds, a foot pedal, four drop-in bobbins, a needle and threader, this machine has everything you could ask for. It features a user-friendly design allows you to drop in the bobbins at the top, simple on/off buttons, low/high speeds and an automatic thread rewind. Even better is that this little workhorse is small and petite, being perfect for college dorms or apartments. With the inexpensive cost of the mini sewing machine, many consumers have been happy to purchase it for their sewing projects.

    Another worthy option is the mini sewing machine from SmarTek. This appliance has the same two speeds, a petite build and metal bobbins, as well as a sleek red color. However, there are more negative reviews with the SmarTek machine than positive ones, as product owners found that the thread kept coming loose, causing loose stitching that needed to be redone. Although an excellent idea, the Michley 2 speed sewing machine had its own set of problems, as many product reviews found the thread skipped stitches on a regular basis. For this reason, many online reviewers found themselves getting frustrated with the product. There are many positive reviews however, and those that enjoy this small sewing machine rave about its overall quality and capacity to handle large sewing projects. Some reviews also indicate that it’s important to make sure you are threading the needle from the right side. The good news is that this travel sewing machine is affordable and can serve as a great instructional tool, so there are benefits for buying it. However, with the varied reviews, it may be better to purchase a larger, quality machine.

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    Husqvarna Viking Sapphire 835 Sewing Machine Impresses

    May 4th, 2016

    Product review of husqvarna sewing machine.

    Older sewing machines made stitching and sewing such a chore, at least for anyone without proper training. Thanks to advancements in technology, today’s sewing machines can help create almost anything without too much effort. That is, of course, if you’re using a sewing machine like the Viking Sapphire 835 by Swedish manufacturer Husqvarna. This Husqvarna Sewing Machine allows the user to select from over 100 different stitches on its large graphic display, which actually shows an example of the stitch’s actual size on the screen. This makes it quite easy to perfect the job before making a single stitch.

    When you’re ready, the Viking Sapphire 835 will cleanly cut the threads with the push of a button. A large, illuminated sewing surface leaves space to work on thick blankets, quilts, or curtains, and its automatic sensors detect the thickness of the fabric, so there’s no need for adjustments. The customer reviews on this sewing machine are generally positive, mentioning that it’s an easy machine to learn and practice with, and that its abilities impress even seasoned professionals. Unfortunately though, the machine might be out of the price range of families on a budget. If you’re looking for a machine that blends your creative touch with unique automated features, then seriously consider the Husqvarna Viking Sapphire 835.

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