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    This Camp Stove Offers The Complete Outdoor Cooking Experience

    August 26th, 2020

    Product review of camp stove.

    Despite all the conveniences of modern life, millions of Americans still love retreating to rustic cabins, RV parks, and secluded camp sites across the country. One of the greatest pleasures of a summer vacation such as those above is cooking outdoors over an open flame; but not everyone is gifted when it comes to getting a wood fire going, and who needs the mess of a charcoal grill. The Camp Chef Table Top Sport Stove is the perfect portable, gas powered camp stove for easy cooking on the go. Among the best features of the Camp Chef Table Top Sport Stove are the two 30,000 BTU/hour burners.

    These burners can tackle any cooking task from pancakes and bacon in the morning to lobster boils or pasta for dinner. The portable grill also comes with four removable legs that stand 20 inches high and can be easily attached and removed for compact transport. The stove’s closable lid serves as a windshield while cooking and protects the stove during transport when closed. The portable camp stove is the perfect travel companion for anyone headed to the cabin, RV park, or campsite. Few users could find negative remarks to make about the Camp Chef Camping Stove with the majority loving the portable nature of the stove as well as the solid power of the unit. Some have lamented the low quality construction of the unit, but still find it a worthwhile buy.

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    The Duncraft Platform Bird Feeder Is An All Weather Conditions Feeder

    August 2nd, 2020

    Product review of platform bird feeder.

    The Duncraft Platform Bird Feeder is the perfect way for nature lovers to feed a variety of birds! The feeder is squirrel-proof and made entirely of metal in order to withstand the changing temperatures outdoors. A roof protects the feeder from rain and snow, and the sturdy construction wards off chewing from animals. Holding one pound of seeds, you can fill the bellies of quite a few birds! With options to hang or post-mount the platform bird feeder, this is one product that is attractive and accommodates birds of all types. Although the Duncraft feeder has plenty to offer, other feeders on the market have the same amenities.

    For example, the Brome Wild Bird Feeder has room for a variety of birds, while keeping out squirrels. Reviews are positive because this feeder has 6 different feeding stations and multiple perches. However, many customers still preferred the Duncraft, as it’s made from metal instead of plastic and offers a protective roof. Ratings from owners are mixed, as some had great experiences with the feeder. Online reviews loved the durability, screened bottom and attractive look of the feeder. Yet others had less positive things to say, with a common problem being that the feeder doesn’t ward off squirrels. In fact, some people found that squirrels were more attracted! Although many reviews stated that squirrels were indeed a problem, they weren’t able to eat from the feeder as much as others on the market. All in all, this is the perfect bird feeder for handling a variety of birds, while looking attractive in the yard.

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    No More Soggy Bottoms With The Turfer Waterproof Picnic Blanket

    April 30th, 2020

    Product review of a waterproof picnic blanket.

    If you love to picnic, you’ll never want to leave home again without the Turfer Waterproof Picnic Blanket. Perfect for camping trips or the sandy beach, this blanket features an anti-pill fleece side with a nylon backing. It’s available in a wide range of colors and can comfortably fit 2 to 3 people. If the blanket gets wet, you can dust it off or toss it in the washing machine. For easy travel, the blanket comes with double web carry straps. Waterproof picnic blankets are hot sellers, as they’re affordable, easy to care for and give an added layer of protection while eating and relaxing outdoors. So how does this Turfer blanket compare to others in the market?

    A comparable product on the market includes the Tuffo Water Resistant Blanket, which features the same water-resistant nylon back. What makes the Turfer product the preferred choice is that it’s less expensive and features a layer of thick polar fleece. The fleece material adds comfort and durability, preventing the blanket from flying away; a common complaint with the Tuffo blanket. This waterproof picnic blanket has gotten excellent reviews and product owners report that it’s an affordable choice that offers plenty of benefits. Customers rave about the durability and functionality of the blanket, as well as how easy it is to shake off and have clean again. There are no negative comments about the blanket, except for a few issues regarding the size being too small. Fortunately, most reviewers found the 50×60 size to be adequate and consistent with other picnic blankets that have waterproof backing.

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    Lightweight Outdoor Camping Hammock Provided By Grand Trunk

    April 9th, 2020

    Product review of a camping hammock.

    No camping trip is complete without the Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock. Weighing only 12 ounces, the hammock is super easy to carry and offers a comfortable place to sleep or relax. Made from 100% polyester taffeta, the hammock can be used with a sleeping pad for added comfort and comes with pre-knotted rope. You won’t have to worry about this lightweight hammock weighing you down and the included S-hooks allow you to set up your sleeping area within minutes. Since this camping hammock is designed for the outdoor traveler, it has many awesome features that keep it compatible with the rugged outdoors.

    For example, the hammock is mildew resistant, dries quickly and comes with a hefty 10 year warranty. The Grand Trunk hammock is a bit more expensive compared to the Texsport La Paz brand, another lightweight hammock. However, many reviewers preferred the Grand Trunk brand, as this hammock is lighter and also comes with stainless steel hooks for quick set-up. In general, online reviews are positive, as the camping hammock stays true to what it offers. Many of the reviewers are avid travelers and use the hammock to relax and nap while camping in the woods. Reviewers also love how easy the folding hammock is to care for, drying almost immediately when wet. There are a few complaints however, as some product owners found these camping hammocks to be of poor quality, not holding the 250 pounds that it claims. Yet for the majority of product owners, the sturdy outdoor hammock did just fine with two adults at one time.

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    The Large Plano 3500 Tackle Box Is A Very Sturdy Plastic Tackle Box

    March 24th, 2020

    Product review of plastic tackle boxes.

    Tackle boxes are meant to keep items organized and easy to find, but too often they begin to resemble a junk drawer after only a few uses. When you run out of compartments and spaces, things begin to accumulate on top of each other. The Plano 3500 Size Tackle Box looks to eliminate the clutter by providing a space for all of your tiny, easy-to-lose items. This plastic tackle box stands at just under a foot tall and is about 11” wide, and has four pull-out organizer trays that can hold just about anything needed for fishing or crafts. There is also a storage bin on the top of the box that has no dividers, so larger items can be stored with ease.

    When on-the-go, the trays and lid lock securely in place, keeping your items from shifting or becoming loose. Customers who have bought this tackle box really enjoy having a large amount of divided areas for keeping different beads or lures organized, and have reported that even when it is accidentally dropped, everything stays exactly where it’s supposed to. Some customers have felt that the box is a little on the small side, though.

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    Discover This Highly Rated All Metal Construction Cardinal Bird Feeder

    March 22nd, 2020

    Product review of cardinal bird feeder.

    If you’re looking for a great bird feeder at an affordable price, the No/No Red Cardinal Feeder is the perfect treat. In an attractive red color, you can count on No/No Feeders to deliver a full metal construction, with no wood or plastic. The feeder is even easy to keep clean, as you can place it in the dishwasher if you wish. The feeder can accommodate up to 20 birds at once and holds over 2.5 pounds of bird seed. A major advantage to this cardinal bird feeder is that it allows for both clinging and perching birds to feed at the same time. With the large hold of bird seed, you’ll find that you won’t have to fill this feeder as often as others.

    Plus, it comes ready to hang and fill – no assembly required! You can also rest assured that the cardinal feeder is resistant against squirrel damage. This cardinal bird feeder is a top choice for many, as it’s more attractive and durable than a classic cardinal window feeder and allows for multiple birds to dine at the same time. Reports online rave about the price of the product, as it’s affordable, especially compared to some of the wooden specialty designs that lack in features. Although the majority of reviewers loved their purchase, some weren’t so happy. A common complaint is that the feeder actually attracts squirrels, yet this is widespread with all feeders. Others state that cardinals don’t care much for the feeder, as it’s difficult to get food from as the wire mesh. Even with some negative feedback, most people agree that this feeder is a friendly option for hungry cardinal.

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    Padded And Comfortable Oversized Coleman Camping Chair Delivers

    March 9th, 2020

    Small product picture of coleman camping chair review.

    Whether you are headed out to your child’s soccer game, downtown to tailgate, or out into the woods for a camping trip, finding a comfortable place to sit can be a challenge. Standing is all well and good, but it’s nice to be able to take a load off and relax no matter where you are. The Coleman Oversized Quad Chair is the perfect portable chair that can go with you wherever you find yourself heading. The portable chair from Coleman is an oversized, padded chair that is capable of supporting up to 325lbs and comes with adjustable arm heights. So what features are included with the Coleman camping chair?

    Other features of this chair include a built-in mesh cup holder, personal item basket, and best of all, a soft cooler on the side that holds two to four cans of your favorite beverage along with an ice pack. There are a wide variety of folding, portable chairs available, including other models from Coleman. Few of the other chairs available can offer the extra amenities of the Coleman folding camping chair however. Online reviewers had nothing but good things to say about the Coleman heavy duty outdoor chair. Many raved at the extras such as the personal item pouch and the attached cooler pouch. The lone complaint was that the back support on the chair was a little too rigid, making it uncomfortable to sit in for longer periods of time. Whether you are headed out to the beach or the soccer field, the Coleman Oversized Quad Chair will make a perfect companion on your travels!

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    Real Flame Gel Fuel Is Environmentally Friendly And Clean Burning

    February 28th, 2020

    Small product picture of a real flame gel fuel.

    Sometimes there is nothing better than a nice fire to warm you and your home on a cold winter night. In addition to warming a house, a fire can be a lifesaver while camping, especially during the colder months of the year. Unfortunately, not everyone has a wood burning fireplace and sometimes weather conditions can make starting a wood fire outdoors near impossible. Thankfully there is always an alternative, such as Real Flame Gel Fuel. Real Flame’s gel fuel is a fire in a can that is made up of gelled isopropyl alcohol and is perfect for use both indoors and outdoors. Best of all, the gelled isopropyl alcohol burns clean, making it environmentally friendly.

    Each can of gel fuel can burn for up to three hours and provides orange, red, and yellow flames that crackle like a real fire. Best of all, the gelled isopropyl alcohol burns clean, making it environmentally friendly. There are other flame gels available on the market and in reality many of them are similar, if not exactly the same. This particular 24 pack of real flame gel fuel cans is more expensive than some of the competitors, but it comes with the backing of the Real Flame name, one of the biggest in the industry. Reviews of the Real Flame gel pack have been mixed. While a large number of reviewers were happy with the product and would recommend it to others, there were also several reviewers who complained of a foul scent and irritating fumes released by their gel packs.

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