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    These Charbroil Hickory Wood Chips Create A Bold Smoked Flavor

    August 3rd, 2020

    Product review of hickory wood chips.

    One of the best ways to cook meats, poultry, and fish outdoors is over the slow heat of a smoker. Smokers are the best way to add full, bold flavor to meats cooked outdoors but regular old charcoal just won’t cut it. Charbroil Hickory Wood Chips are the best way to get a long last burn in the cooker and to infuse great taste into meats, poultry, and fish. Each bag of these hickory wood chips comes with roughly two pounds of chips in the bag, perfect for getting the smoker going in no time. Barbecue enthusiasts everywhere agree that BBQ wood chips are the best way to get full bold flavor smoked into all kinds of meats.

    In addition, they are more reliable over long periods than other options such as charcoal chunks. Few users could find anything negative to say about Charbroil Hickory Wood Chips. All the users who reviewed the wood chips found them more reliable than other options in the smoker, in fact the only complaint users could come up with didn’t involve the chips themselves. Some users felt the price was too high given equal quality chips could be found at local supermarkets. The users have spoken though and Charbroil Wood Chips are the way to go.

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    Portable Fire Pit From Landmann Offers All Steel Construction

    July 14th, 2020

    Product review of portable fire pit.

    One of the finest pleasures in life is enjoying good friends and great conversation on the deck or patio, with the peace and serenity of nature surrounding it all. When the warm winds of summer pass and the cool breezes of fall replace them, those great times outdoors may be cut short prematurely on cool nights. With the Landmann Heatwave Outdoor Fireplace however there is no need to go rushing indoors when the cold winds whip up. The portable fire pit is great not only for use at home on the deck or patio but can also be a great tool at the campground, cabin, or outside the RV. This portable fire pit features sturdy all steel construction.

    The fire pit features an enamel finish to protect the lid and base for years against the corrosive forces of nature. The fireplace features an innovative spark guard to protect against hot embers flying out and the wooden handle on the lid makes it easy to remove and add more wood to the flames or to clean later on. Best of all, the unit rests on two wheels and is easily transported so it can be placed out of the way when it is not needed. Despite some questions from some customers about the customer service and quality control, none could find fault with the design and capability of the Landmann fire pit. This portable fireplace is truly on top of its game as is reflected by many happy customers who enjoy its warming glow.

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    This Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse Includes 4 Smoking Racks

    July 2nd, 2020

    Product review of masterbuilt electric smokehouse.

    If smoking large quantities of meat is something you enjoy, the Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse is the perfect appliance. At 2.5 cubic feet, the smoker has four smoking racks, a powder-coated steel exterior and a 24-hour timer. Foods, including meats, jerky and vegetables, receive a delicious smoked taste, while the side tray is perfect for loading wood chips. For ease of use, a digital control panel allows time and temperature to be operated on the outside. The Masterbuilt 30-Inch Electric Smokehouse Smoker offers a number of advantages designed for the beginning or advanced cook, such as an air damper for better smoke control and a removable drip pan.

    The fully insulated design also allows for better insulation, ensuring that your foods receive energy-efficient cooking. The smoker cooks foods from 100 to 275 degrees and you can rely on the machine to turn off when specified. Planning delicious meals has never been easier with this Masterbuilt Smoker, yet reviews remain varied. Those happy with the product rave about its ease of use, the digital temperature controls and the turnout of foods and veggies. Other product owners however, feel that the smoker is poorly made. These owners faced a number of issues, most commonly that the heating element went out. To make things more stressful, many of these customers were unhappy with Masterbuilt’s service. The good news is that with this common issue, Masterbuilt has improved their smoker, redesigning it in regards to the heat failure. More recent grill smoker product owners have found the company easy to work with and more willing to stand behind their product. Overall, this smoker is a great tool for getting delicious, smoked meals right in your own home!

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    Bradley Smoker Bisquettes Are Rendered From Natural Hardwoods

    June 29th, 2020

    Small product picture of a bradley smoker bisquettes.

    The singular reason for any individual to use a smoker with their food is to enhance their meal with nearly unmatched flavor and succulence. Using old fashioned wood smokers works just fine, but sometimes it is nice to get different flavors infused into your meats and fish. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is with the use of smoker bisquettes such as the Bradley Smoker 5 Flavor Variety Bisquettes 60 Pack. The Bradley Smoker Bisquettes are produced from hardwood and are free of additives, resulting in a clean smoke flavor. Designed for use with the Bradley electronic smoker, these bisquettes are consumed at a rate of one every 20 minutes.

    This means each 60 pack provides 20 hours of smoking. The pack includes alder, maple, hickory, and cherry flavors, as well as special blend. The flavors in the Bradley Smoker 5 Flavor Variety Bisquettes are best used with seafood, ham, and bacon. Other bisquette packets on the market often feature just one flavor compared to the five flavors found in the Bradley Smoker 60 pack. In addition, while these other barebecue bisquettes packs are cheaper, they often include less total quantity than the Bradley pack. Online reviewers struggled to find any drawbacks to the Bradley Smoker Bisquettes. The biggest complaint from many was that the sampler pack had only enough variety in it for one shot in the smoker, meaning they had to buy more to try one individual flavor a second time. If you own an electric smoker, then Bradley Smoker 5 Flavor Variety Bisquettes are the best option for bringing flavor to your smoked meals.

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    The GasWatch Propane Tank Gauge Includes A Built In Leak Detector

    June 22nd, 2020

    Product review of propane tank gauge.

    The advent of the propane grill brought with it many conveniences to grilling, as well as some drawbacks. Propane grills are quicker to start than charcoal grills and provide more even heat for longer. But the propane grill isn’t without its downsides. Purists dislike the lack of “smoky” flavor to their food, but even more serious is the potential danger of cooking with gas. The GasWatch Propane-Level Indicator and Safety Gauge was designed to take the danger out of cooking with propane. The propane tank gauge attaches to any propane tank under 40lbs and is easy to use as it requires no tools to attach. Gas gauge measures 8-4/5 by 5-3/5 by 4-1/2 inches.

    The indicator not only has an easy to read color dial to help avoid untimely gas outages, but also comes with a built in leak detector and an emergency flow limiter to prevent serious problems in the event of a major leak. The propane tank gauge provides not only a convenient way to check propane levels in your tanks, but also gives users peace of mind and safety. A surprising number of users found the propane reading ability of the GasWatch Propane Level Indicator inaccurate, but nevertheless the vast majority of users were very happy with their purchase and found no problems with their unit.

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    Try The Bayou Classic Meat Injector For Perfectly Seasoned Meat

    June 13th, 2020

    Product review of meat injector.

    Are you someone who loves to host dinners or cookouts? Once you get your hands on the Bayou Classic Meat Injector, you’ll never want to cook without it! This handy device is made from stainless steel and perfect for both beginner and advanced cooks. The gadget features a 2-ounce injector that allows you to season foods so that they are moist and seasoned to perfection. The classic meat injector design is one that stays true to the joy of marinating, as it includes a tight-fitting top, a close-ring handle, a marinade needle and a minced marinade needle. It’s also easy to clean, just unscrew the cap and the needle.

    The Bayou Classic Meat Injector is similar to the Weston Injector in that they have the same design and sturdy construction. However, the Bayou Classic brand is made from stainless steel instead of nickel and brass and comes at a lower cost. In fact, product owners rave about the durability of this meat injector, saying that it stands the toughest cuts of meat and birds without breaking or bending the needle. For many reviewers, this meat injector took the place of a more expensive one that didn’t last. Only a few customers experienced problems with the meat injector and after reading their feedback, it was apparent that the issues lied in the product being damaged, not the actual performance. A few reviewers also complained of splattered juices all over the kitchen, but it’s recommended that all the holes on the injector are pushed into the meat before pressing down. After all, this IS how the marinade makes it into the meat! Overall, this is a great flavor injector that is sure to impress family and friends!

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    Weber Barbecue Mitts Offer Great Protection For An Affordable Price

    May 7th, 2020

    Product review of barbecue mitt.

    Ever since man discovered fire he has cooked countless meals over its warm glow. From the dawn of humans to the 21st century, meat has been grilled over fire to the perfect tenderness and served to the waiting masses. No doubt countless men have sacrificed arm hair and precious skin over the centuries, but there is no longer a need to put these body parts at risk. The Weber barbecue mitt was made for grill lovers everywhere to provide protection from the heat and flame of the grill, making summer barbecue injuries a thing of the past. The Weber Mitt comes in a black design with red trim along the wrist and the Weber logo.

    The heavy duty, quilted cotton design makes the mitt heat resistant and flame retardant. At 17 inches in length from fingertips to opening, the barbecue mitt will protect most anyone from their fingers all the way to their elbow; saving arm hair and palm skin everywhere. While some customers have found the design of the Weber grilling mitt bulky, and therefore difficult to handle; the majority of users are in love with the long design that provides coverage all the way to the elbow. Many users also found the mitt to be the best value in its class for the money.

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    The Impressive Grill Daddy Brush Makes Grill Cleaning Actually Fun

    April 16th, 2020

    Product review of grill daddy.

    The Grill Daddy Pro Grill Brush is the perfect way to clean caked-on grease and food from any ordinary grill. It features stainless steel bristles that won’t bend or break, as well as a long handle that keeps the hands away from the heat. The sturdy handle also includes a hanging storage hook, as well as a 2-sided head that can be detached for easy cleaning. The Grill Daddy is safe to use on cast iron steel or porcelain grill grates, as it removes tough build-up without causing damage. To use the gadget, simply fill the handle with tap water and turn the grill on a low heat setting. The heat from the grill will warm the tap water, creating steam and loosening old food and grease.

    Plus, the 2-sided head offers both wide and fine bristles so that you can clean any mess. Product reviews love the Grill Daddy, as it restores the grill back to its natural shine, while allowing foods to taste fresh. And, you can rest assured that this simple brush doesn’t rely on harmful chemicals or cleaners to get the job done. While most people agree that they can’t live without this grill brush, others are less hesitant to recommend the product. Even with a great concept, some owners found the brush difficult to use, with the water pouring out of the head instead of creating steam. The same reviewers also found the construction to be less than par. However, these reviews were very limited and it’s possible that the brush was either used incorrectly or had a design flaw. For most, the Grill Daddy Grill Brush is simply the best tool for keeping a grill clean with little effort.

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