Solar Pool Cover Will Keep The Water In Your Pool When You’re Out

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If you have owned an above ground pool for any time, you know that leaving it uncovered will lead to quick evaporation, requiring you to constantly fill it. And then you are going to spend most of your time cleaning out bugs and leaf litter. But the Intex Krystal Clear 12 Foot Solar Pool Cover will help you avoid all of the hassles with your Intex above ground pool, so you can spend your time enjoying it, instead of cleaning it. Not only does the solar pool cover install easily (it just floats on top of the water) but it keeps the water warmer, too. Instead of having to give up your pool in September, you should be able to enjoy it into October or longer (if you’re further south).

If you are one of the few people that regularly roll your Intex pool up and take it around with you, then you need to avoid this swimming pool solar cover. It’s going to give you a lot of trouble putting it back in its case and is likely to rip if you don’t do so.

The Positives
Many of the reviews I investigated online showed a real appreciation for how easy this solar pool cover installed. It’s very easy to unroll and install, since it floats on the water, just under the lip of the pool. You have to be sure to get just the right size for your pool, though, as it is designed for an exact fit.

The Negatives
There are two major complaints on the Intex solar pool cover. First, the cover is prone to ripping if you aren’t careful. Any transportation of the cover is another chance for it to be damaged, so you should try to keep it in the included carrying case whenever it isn’t on top of the pool. The other major complaint shared by reviewers online is that it’s very difficult to get the cover back in its carrying case. So you are going to have a hard choice to make: struggle with putting the cover in its case, or risk ripping it as you transport it.

So What’s The Scoop?
The Intex solar cover is a great way to keep the junk out of your pool while keeping the water warm. If you get the right cover for your pool and plan on leaving it in place, you will be able to install it easily and get a few years of use from it. With the extended swimming season (thanks to the warmer water) you’ll get more use out of your Intex pool, meaning that you get a lot of value for your purchase.

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