• Furniture

    The Original Queen Aerobed With Headboard- Does it stay inflated?

    April 11th, 2020

    The Original Queen Aerobed With Headboard Design has a super fast inflation with convenient hand-held control to save you time and energy when filling up the mattress. The mattress is 18 inches high and fits standard sized queen sheets. The mattress pump comes with a 2 year warranty and the headboard design provides comfort and […]

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  • Air Products

    Sleep The Night Away With The Aerobed King Size Air Mattress

    April 5th, 2020

    Product review of king size air mattress.

    Aerobed Sleep Away Inflatable Bed is the perfect bed for overnight guests. This king size air mattress inflates with a hands free pump. Once inflated, it is nine inches thick. The soft, velvety top covers the entire sleeping surface. The king air bed is constructed of puncture resistant, heavy gauge PVC vinyl that is non-allergenic. It also features interior coil construction for added comfort and support. Online reviews report the bed inflates and deflates quite quickly with the pump, which is part of the mattress. Those who have slept on the mattress say it sleeps nicely, but those who used it on hardwood floors report some noise when they moved around.

    Users report deflation during use to varying degrees. While some report no deflation, several have had instances where the bed has deflated from a small amount to almost completely during the night. Quality issues arose for some owners. Leaks developed for some immediately following inflation and for others after little use. Most purchasers also report that when first opened, the bed has a heavy small of plastic that goes away after a while. The Aerobed Sleep Away Inflatable Bed is a great option for a variety of situations. It is worth considering for someone needing an extra bed for guests or to take camping since it can be deflated and packed away taking up little space. It can also be used to replace a mattress in an RV or can be used on a sofa bed.

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  • Air Products

    Wenzel Full Size Air Mattress Offers Good Design And Craftsmanship

    December 1st, 2019

    Product review of the full size air mattress.

    When guests come to visit, a temporary bed can solve all types of problems. For years, the Aero-Bed was the popular model to buy. However, with so many reviews about the air leaks and other problems that happen to that model on Amazon, the better bed to think about is the Wenzel Insta-Bed. The reviews for the Wenzel Insta-Bed in the Queen version seem to be mostly good with just a few small problems. In the lesser ratings for the Wenzel Full-Grip Bottom airbed, some users did not like the plastic smell that the new full size air mattress bed has when it is first taken out of the package. Might want to air it out a day or two upon opening.

    The other common complaint surrounds the size of the storage pouch that is hard to pack the mattress back into when it is not in use. Overall, everybody seemed to be very happy with his or her Wenzel Instant Bed purchases. Inflatable beds are often used by college students when they first leave home to live in a new apartment. When this model of blow-up bed is used for long periods, it is necessary to turn on the pump every few days to top the mattress off with air to make it firm again. Many of the online reviews were thrilled to find the bed very easy to put up or to take down quickly. The Wenzel Insta-Bed discount mattress appears to be a value oriented product.

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  • Air Products

    Intex Air Bed Pump Has Three Different Nozzles For Easy Inflating

    November 21st, 2019

    Product review of a air bed pump.

    There are few things that the Intex Electric Pump won’t be able to inflate, as this product is versatile and easy to use. At an inexpensive price, the product comes with three different sized nozzles that also can be used for deflating and features a high volume at a low pressure. Plus, you can enjoy super fast inflating times, which means you can get that kiddie pool up and running in no time. This air bed pump is small and compact, being easy to pack for camping trips or car rides. It works in the same way as other pumps on the market, including the Smart Air Beds Electrical Pump. This pump also includes three sizes of nozzles and has gotten rave reviews.

    However, you can’t beat the efficiency of the Intex pump, as most reviewers agreed that the fill up times were almost immediate. The only consistent complaint from online reviews is that the Intex air bed pump is rather loud. However, for the fast and efficient fills, product owners didn’t mind the noise and were happy with the different adapters that work on all types of inflatables, including furniture, air beds, kiddie pools and balls. Product owners are also happy to report that this handy inflatable mattress pump works right out of the box instead of requiring a 24 hour initial charge as many other pumps do. Besides an electrical outlet, there’s nothing else this Intex electric pump needs to inflate your gear and take the pressure off having to blow things up yourself.

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  • Air Products

    The Crane Humidifier Provides Relief From Cold And Flu Symptoms

    March 15th, 2019

    Product review of a crane humidifier.

    When you need relief from cough, cold and flu symptoms, there’s more to the solution than over-the-counter medicines. The Crane Cool Mist Humidifier sends moisture into the air in order to fight coughs, dry skin, nasal congestion and asthmatic symptoms. It has an innovative tear drop shape that comes in a variety of colors, has a minimum of 10 hours of running time and features a removable water tank. To use, simply fill the tank with cold tap water and turn the unit on. When the tank is empty, the Crane Humidifier has an automatic shut-off feature and you can adjust the control settings with a handy button on the front of the device.

    You can also expect a quiet operation, being perfect for kids’ bedrooms or offices. Many people have chosen to go with the Vicks Cool Mist Humidifiers, as Vicks is a name synonymous with cold and flu treatments. However, products owners have preferred the Crane Ultrasonic Humidifier, as it’s much quieter, less leaky and has a better mist output. While the Crane small humidifier has mostly positive reviews, there are still problems reviewers faced. Some product owners found that the machine did not work properly after a few months, while others found the fan to be too loud and the cool mist setting not cool enough.

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  • Air Products

    Quiet And Powerful Honeywell Air Purifier With No Filters To Replace

    August 18th, 2018

    Small product picture of a honeywell air purifier.

    Most of us spend a lot of time in our home. Why not make the air that surrounds us cleaner, fresher and overall healthier? There are many air purifiers out there on the market, and this Honeywell model looks to have some nice features that makes it worth purchase consideration. The Honeywell Compact Air Purifier is small enough to be used on a tabletop, bookcase or dresser top and is designed to purify a room or area up to 85 square feet. A three-stage filtration system is the highlight of this Honeywell Air Purifier. It offers a pre-filter that is washable, a permanent HEPA-type filter plus an optional ionizer.

    These three stages combine to help remove 99 percent of pet dander, smoke, pollen, dust and spores from the air, leaving the room fresher and cleaner. It also offers three cleaning selections as well as an indicator light that lets you know when the main filter needs cleaning. Small enough to be stored easily, it’s also readily portable to any room in the house. At night, the Honeywell electronic air cleaner emits a soft illumination. Consumers weighing in about this product online were overall positive. It should be noted that some consumers found the air purifier not as quiet as advertised, stating that the unit could be overly noisy. Most, however, felt the purifier did a nice job of living up to its claims and did help eliminate dust and smoke from the air.

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  • Air Products

    This Handy Electric Air Pump Quickly Inflates Low Pressure Items

    August 7th, 2018

    Small product picture of an electric air pump.

    A fast, reliable air pump can really come in handy in all sorts of situations. The first time your child wants a large, inflatable lounger for the pool, an air pump will save the day as well as your lungs. When you have relatives over for the holidays and need to set up their air mattress, an electric air pump is the way to go; one that deflates it just as quick to get your space back is very handy indeed. Made just for these types of jobs is the Coleman 120V Electric Quick Pump. Just as the name says, this is a 120 volt electric air pump that Coleman backs up with a one year warranty. Also included, are a double lock valve and pinch valve adapters.

    Consumers providing reviews of this product online were very helpful in providing detailed info about the air pump. Most felt the air pump inflated and deflated things like mattresses and poolside toys such as beach balls and other inflatables very quickly and efficiently. It is worth noting that this pump is not meant for heavier items such as bike tires. Also, consumers consistently mentioned the loudness of the unit as being a bit too loud when in use. Consumers did note, though, that the unit was small and stored away easily until needed. Overall, if you’re looking for an air pump for air mattresses and the like, this looks to be a good value and a good product.

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  • Air Products

    Lasko 3 Gallon Evaporative Recirculating Humidifier Performs Well

    July 18th, 2018

    Product review of the lasko humidifier.

    While many people will tell you that the cold is the worst part of any winter, you may be shocked to find that dry air is one of the biggest nuisances during the winter months. Even the most humid climates can experience dry, cold winter months that are often made worse with heating systems are running at max capacity around the clock. Those who suffer from dry air don’t have to anymore with the Lasko 1115 3-Gallon Evaporative Recirculating Humidifier. Capable of pumping moist air into rooms as large as 800 square feet, this Lasko humidifier is the perfect answer to the cold, dry air of the winter months.

    The Lasko 1115 3-Gallon Evaporative Recirculating Humidifier is designed with three speeds and a recirculation system, making it easy to pump moist air into any room and maintain any comfort level in the process. Lasko’s recirculation system keeps the humidifier’s filter constantly wet, providing two benefits. First, a moist filter provides clean, long-lasting output. Secondly, by keeping the entire surface of the filter moist the humidifier has improved efficiency. The recirculation system also prevents standing water in the unit which can lead to the dispersal of pollutants in the air. These Lasko humidifiers pumps only cool, clean, moist air into any room of the house. Much like any product, the Lasko recirculating humidifier is not perfect and some customers have experienced issues with their units.

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