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    Stearns Child’s Classic Boating Vest Is A Sturdy Youth Life Jacket

    October 9th, 2019

    Product review of stearns childs classic boating vest.

    Taking the family boat out on the lake is a great way to spend a hot summer afternoon. If you have little ones aboard, a life jacket is an essential safety device that ensures the afternoon passes by safely. Consider the Stearns Child’s Classic Boating Vest if you’re in the market for such a safety device. This life jacket is designed with small children in mind and can fit children with a weight range of thirty to fifty pounds. The vest is constructed out of nylon for durability and is crafted with open sides to ensure a child’s comfort. One inch webbing ensures the boating vest is secure and safe for your child or youth.

    Also featured is a leg strap that makes sure the vest stays on the child and in place, even in the water. Best of all, the boating vest is approved by the Coast Guard. If there was one concern among customers providing reviews on Amazon, it would be that the sizing of the flotation device seems to vary. One customer felt the vests seemed too small for kids above thirty pounds, while another felt the vest would work best with children weighing in at forty to fifty pounds. All in all, reviews were very positive.

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    Kids Water Skis Include Adjustable Bindings For Growing Children

    May 19th, 2018

    Product review of kids water skis.

    Looking for a way to get the family out of the house, into some beautiful weather, and in the water these summer months? Consider water skiing. Even the little ones can get involved with these Kwik Tek ST-150 Trainer Skis. Forty-eight inches long and constructed of wood, these kids water skis are sure to provide learning and fun for your children. These skis are designed to fit from a child’s size twelve to an adult size five, making it ideal for use with children. Featuring a crossbar that improves control and distrubtes the weight of the skier, plus a double handled tow rope, these skis are made for beginning level skiers.

    The cross bar is removable as are the skis’ tail ties.Constructed out of wood for many years’ worth of fun in the water, these skis also feature nylon rudders that are reinforced by fiberglass. The design lends itself to beginners under 100 pounds and also ensures an easy start plus good control, stability and tracking throughout the ride.While Amazon provided a positive customer review, it should be noted the customer felt the adjustable foot bindings were hard, digging into the learning child’s feet.

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    Pastel Colored Speedo Women’s Vanquisher Swim Goggles

    April 25th, 2016

    Product display of speedo womens vanquisher swim goggle  review.

    Tired of the unisex swimming goggles you currently use? Why have goggles that are designed for a man’s face? Available in over 10 pastel colors, you can make quite a fashion statement as you slice through the stormy waters with these competition quality, Speedo Women’s Vanquisher swimming goggles. As you expect from Speedo, these quality swimming goggles are made from high quality materials that provide a competitive advantage with their low profile design. More over, the lens are shatter resistant, has a catchy pearlescent mirrored finish which is anti-fog and UV protected. These gender specific goggles have a soft silicone lens gasket.

    Plus they sit in a low profile on your face and offer cushioned resistance for extra protection. Depending on the structure and size of your nose, be sure to choose the right size nose piece from the three that are included. The correct size will increase swimming comfort and avoid leaking from the lenses. Lastly, the head strap is composed of silicone and comes in double length to allow for bigger heads. Lots of rave reviews for these pastel colored, female specific Speedo swimming goggles!

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    Stearns Puddle Jumper Life Jacket Serves As A Great Kids Life Jacket

    April 22nd, 2016

    Product review of stearns kids puddle jumper life jacket.

    When temperatures climb, it’s great to be able to spend long, sunny afternoons in the waterpark or backyard pool. Sometimes, though, this can be a challenge with little ones, especially where safety is concerned. Consider the Stearns Kids Puddle Jumper Life Jacket when shopping around for little kids’ safety devices. This piece of water safety gear is designed specifically for small children in mind and can accommodate kids weighing in from thirty to fifty pounds. The life jacket design is made to fit over a child’s chest with arm pieces that are attached and allow for free arm movement. Constructed of polyester that is soft and durable.

    This life jacket model is said not to chafe your little one’s tender skin. Best of all, the life jacket is Coast Guard approved, so you know you are getting a quality safety device. If there was one concern among customer reviews, it would be that the arms of the device seemed to fit very tightly on some children, making removing the life jacket a bit of a challenge. However, the majority of customers felt this product worked very well, giving parents peace of mind and small children confidence in the water.

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