This Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse Includes 4 Smoking Racks

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If smoking large quantities of meat is something you enjoy, the Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse is the perfect appliance. At 2.5 cubic feet, the smoker has four smoking racks, a powder-coated steel exterior and a 24-hour timer. Foods, including meats, jerky and vegetables, receive a delicious smoked taste, while the side tray is perfect for loading wood chips. For ease of use, a digital control panel allows time and temperature to be operated on the outside. The Masterbuilt 30-Inch Electric Smokehouse Smoker offers a number of advantages designed for the beginning or advanced cook, such as an air damper for better smoke control and a removable drip pan.

The fully insulated design also allows for better insulation, ensuring that your foods receive energy-efficient cooking. The smoker cooks foods from 100 to 275 degrees and you can rely on the machine to turn off when specified. Planning delicious meals has never been easier with this Masterbuilt Smoker, yet reviews remain varied. Those happy with the product rave about its ease of use, the digital temperature controls and the turnout of foods and veggies.

Other product owners however, feel that the smoker is poorly made. These owners faced a number of issues, most commonly that the heating element went out. To make things more stressful, many of these customers were unhappy with Masterbuilt’s service. The good news is that with this common issue, Masterbuilt has improved their smoker, redesigning it in regards to the heat failure.

The Positives
Offers a 2-1/2-cubic-foot electric smoker with powder-coated steel exterior. Includes a 4 smoking rack smoker with push-button digital control panel and 24-hour timer. Thermostat-controlled electric temperature; insulated for energy-efficient cooking. Air damper; side-loading wood tray; removable drip pan and grease pan. Masterbuilt smoker measures approximately 19-1/2 by 18-2/7 by 34 inches.

The Negatives
Multiple reports that heating element for this BBQ meat smoker rusted out easily. Some user felt that the temperature display was inaccurate.

So What’s The Scoop?
More recent grill smoker product owners have found the company easy to work with and more willing to stand behind their product. Overall, the Masterbuilt Electric Smoker is a great tool for getting delicious, smoked meals right in your own home!

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