About Product Scoop

Who is behind Product Scoop and what’s the point of this site? Well my friends, that would be my twin brother, Jason, and myself (Justin). Don’t worry about trying to tell us apart. Growing up, we were merely referred to as one entity and honestly, why stop now? To be perfectly honest, I drew the short end of the stick, so I’m stuck writing this “about” page while my brother Jason does more “important” things. At least that’s how he put it.

So, where did this website begin? Well, as self-proclaimed “efficiency experts,” we’re always trying to find the better way to do things. We love it when things just “work,” we dislike waste and we despise buyer’s remorse because something doesn’t live up to its expectations – such as: why buy X blender with the higher price tag and shinier exterior when Y blender costs less, has less mechanical issues and pulverizes ice in a flash?

So, after a full night of ping pong and Twilight Zone reruns, Jason and I hashed out some ideas for a blog that would highlight the best new and underappreciated products and give the visitor a quick “scoop” on the product. The “scoop” would provide helpful, friendly product assessments that would include the strengths and weaknesses of each product, large colorful product images and a product overview video. This would allow visitors to get knowledgeable about the product in a fraction of the time it would have taken them to do the research themselves.

When we launched the site, Jason and I wrote all the product reviews ourselves, but we quickly realized how big the world of products really is and the work involved in managing the site. So, we sought out qualified freelance writers who were just as passionate about cool and interesting products we were and could share the content creation with us. Now, most reviews are written by our talented product writers and Jason and I deal with the coding, image selection and post creation.

Oh and before we say goodbye (just for now, promise!), be sure to stay connected with Product Scoop through Facebook, Twitter and if you really dig us, (this would surely warm my Irish heart) be sure to join our quarterly newsletter. Each quarter you’ll receive our favorite products picks from the past quarter of reviews. This allows you to quickly find the best gifts for you or your friends without having to spend any time researching them. Got a question now? Go ahead and contact us today.