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    The Original Queen Aerobed With Headboard- Does it stay inflated?

    April 11th, 2020

    The Original Queen Aerobed With Headboard Design has a super fast inflation with convenient hand-held control to save you time and energy when filling up the mattress. The mattress is 18 inches high and fits standard sized queen sheets. The mattress pump comes with a 2 year warranty and the headboard design provides comfort and […]

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    Uncle Milton Moon In My Room Illuminates In A Dark Room

    February 7th, 2020

    Product review of uncle milton moon in my room.

    Add an atmospheric touch of soft moonlight to a child’s room with the Uncle Milton Moon In My Room. This educational light exhibits 12 different moon phases and works with a remote control. It can be programmed to light as the room darkens helping children with fear of the dark find something pleasant to focus on. The moon comes with a 15-minute moon tour CD, so kids can learn details about the moon. Many users found the light to be comforting for children, and watching the moon before falling asleep becomes a nightly routine. Because it is hung on the wall, it is appropriate even for a very young child’s room.

    Whether your child has a space themed room or is simply fascinated by the moon, they will enjoy this educational light. Reviewers consistently note that the moon goes through batteries at a rate of four AA batteries per week. The only way to make the batteries last longer is manually switch the moon off by taking it off the wall and using the switch on the back after every use. Many suggest using rechargeable batteries. A significant number of users reported that the LED lights burned out in a short time and cannot be replaced.

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    Heated Mattress Pad That Keep The Chills Away On Cold Nights

    December 18th, 2019

    Small product picture of a heated mattress pad.

    Super soft and warm, the Soft Heat heated mattress pad is the perfect solution for cold winter nights. Made from polyester and cotton, the mattress pad uses low voltage currents to offer warmth while sleeping. There are two dials on the heat mattress, allowing you and your partner to choose the setting you find most comfortable. The pre-heat feature allows the mattress to be preheated before getting into bed, and an automatic shut-off turns the mattress off after 10 hours. There are plenty of other features that make this heated mattress pad an excellent buy, especially for the affordable price. Let’s cover some other aspects.

    A fitted skirt keeps the mattress pad in place and the over-temperature protection adds additional safety and peace of mind. The bed heating pad can be washed and dried without shrinking or pilling and the lighted controls can be seen in the dark. What sets this heated mattress pad apart from others on the market is that it has no bulky wires. Instead, the wires can hardly be seen, allowing for a clean look without any hot or cold spots in bed. After reviewing this heating mattress pad, nearly every online review is positive, with customers raving about the comfort, security and warmth of the product. The only negative reviews are based on personal reasons, such as the heating pad not being compatible with other bed accessories or the pad being too noisy to fall asleep to. Overall, this mattress pad is a great buy for those looking for warm, cozy sheets while sleeping.

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    The Compact Woodgrain Table Mate Folding Table Surprises

    May 1st, 2019

    Product review of a table mate folding table.

    Who couldn’t use some more table space or a handy flat surface from time to time? Enter the Table Mate Folding Table. It’s convenient for small spaces or anyone who needs a flat table surface that stores away when not in use. The Table-Mate provides a 20×15 surface area that is ideal for eating, computer time, drawing, extra serving room or anything else you’d need a table for. With its six different height adjustments, consumers are able to use this table bedside, in front of any chair or anywhere. The table top also features four adjustable angles including two downward angles, one upward and one horizontal. It is rated to hold up to fifty pounds.

    Also a nice feature of the table is that it folds flat for storage under a sofa or bed; multiple Table-Mates can be stacked for storage. The Table-Mate’s compact folding also makes it easy to grab and take anywhere. The product requires no tools for assembly. Consumers providing online reviews seemed overall pleased with the Table-Mate. People found the product easy to assemble and use. If there was one common concern, it would be that some consumers experienced sagging of the table’s middle after an extended period of daily use. However, the majority of consumers felt these lightweight folding tables was very handy for puzzles, hobbies, laptops and eating. Overall, this looks to be a good discount folding table for anyone needing extra table space that is easily stored.

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    This Pillow Top Mattress Pad Adds Comfort And Protection

    October 27th, 2018

    Small product picture of a pillow top mattress pad.

    Give your mattress a boost with the Pike Street Pillow Top Mattress Pad. The microfiber pad is made from 100 percent polyester and is machine washable. Simply place it on any existing mattress for added comfort and protection. The affordable price makes it a great solution for transforming an old mattress or it can be used to keep a newer mattress in good condition. The lightweight construction makes it easy to wash and dry, as well as store away when not in use. This pillow top mattress pad is a popular seller, as it’s affordable and offers a great deal of comfort. It has received much better reviews than the Bedsack pillow bed mattresses.

    Customers compare the Pike Street pillow top mattress topper to the higher end brands of Serta or Simmons, yet this mattress pad is more economical, made from microfiber and has exceptional reviews. Customers favor this product because of its cushiony feel and ability to transform any old mattress into a cozy sleeping abode. The Pike Street Pillow Top Mattress Pad was rated so highly, there are no negative reviews to report. A few product owners have reminded others that for the affordable price, you can’t expect this mattress pillow top to work miracles, but it will certainly do the job of adding comfort and protection to an existing mattress. Overall, this mattress pad is just what you need to get a better night’s rest!

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    Lifestyle Bean Bag Chair Is Constructed With High Quality Vinyl

    October 8th, 2018

    Small product picture of bean bag chair review.

    The bean bag chair is a quintessential piece of furniture in American homes, dorm rooms, and kiddy play areas. Everyone has kicked back in a bean bag chair or had fun tossing it around at friends in a basement brawl; and some of us may have even experienced the joy of destroying one of these bean bags in dramatic fashion. But this piece of furniture isn’t just for kids and college students, and the Lifestyle Bean Bag is proof of that. The Lifestyle Bean Bag Chair is a grown up version of your favorite childhood furniture. This model is constructed of high quality vinyl with a double stitched, double overlap seam system to provide added security.

    Best of all, this bean bag chair is made in the United States so your dollars stay here in America! Many companies have taken on the task of reinventing the bean bag chair of your youth; and while the Lifestyle model is more expensive than many others it is also a higher quality product than its competitors. Although the vast majority of online reviewers gave the Lifestyle Bean Bag high marks, there were those who were not pleased with their purchase. The most common complaint was that the vinyl bean bag chair was not the least bit comfortable and that it did not conform to body shapes as promised. If you are looking for a bean bag chair that is not only comfortable, but also not an eyesore in the middle of your living room then the Lifestyle Bean Bag chair is right for you!

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    This Wool Mattress Topper Offers Superb Craftsmanship And Quality

    June 30th, 2018

    Small product picture of a wool mattress topper.

    Turn your mattress into a dream bed with the SnugFleece Wool Mattress Topper. Made from 100 percent American virgin wool, this pad fits directly over the mattress to provide added warmth and comfort. The cushioned material conforms to the body, relieving pressure points and aiding in circulation. The material is odor free, flame resistant and clean, inhibiting the growth of bacteria and mold. A great choice for anyone, including those with allergies, the wool mattress topper has 1” piles, is machine washable and can be vacuumed or spot-cleaned. What sets this mattress pad apart from others is that it is made from high quality wool.

    Wool works in a unique way to keep the body warm in the winter months and cool in the summer months, allowing for more comfortable, restful sleeps. This is why so many product owners prefer the wool mattress topper compared to others made from cotton or polyester. As an added perk, the SnugFleece mattress pad comes with a 30-day sleep guarantee where customers can return the mattress pad if they’re not satisfied. Online reviews recommend this wool mattress pad, raving about the mattress pad’s ability to regulate temperature and create a cozy environment. And, with the different sizes available, many product owners have used this mattress topper for young children to help them sleep better. The only negative complaint is regarding the synthetic backing, which is not the same wool material. Yet customers say that even with the backing, you won’t notice a difference in the comfort level. Overall, this is a great wool mattress topper cover that can help everyone in the home sleep better!

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    The Playhut Magic Playground Is An Expandable Indoor Play Tent

    April 11th, 2018

    Product review of playhut magic playground.

    The Playhut Magic Playground is a colorful adventure maze that includes everything kids need for active and imaginative play! The maze includes one large, center fort and two smaller cubes, all connected by crawl-through tunnels. The playground features built in activities such as: two basketball hoops, a target toss, a soccer goal and a putting ramp. The set includes a rubber, kid-friendly soccer and basketball, a putter, two golf balls and 3 magic balls. Though this portable playground is intended for both indoor and outdoor play, it is extremely lightweight and will easily tip over if used outside on a windy day.

    Simple to set up and easy to fold and store, this activity center can be set up in a matter of minutes and is the perfect solution for rainy day play. Be warned though, once set up, parents may have a hard time getting kids out long enough to put it away! The manufacturer recommends this product for children ages 3-9, though children as young as 2 years may enjoy crawling through the tunnels and playing peek-a-boo. One of the wonderful features of this versatile playground is that the individual pieces can be rearranged to create a different maze every time.

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