Intex Swimming Pools Are A Great Summer Investment For The Family

Last Updated on July 18, 2020 by Cassie Lyons

As the warm summer months settle in, families everywhere are looking to escape the heat in any way possible. While staying inside a well air conditioned home is a good option, it’s rough on the electric bill. The simplest and most enjoyable solution is the Intex Swimming Pools. The Intex pool is perfect for homes will small children, small yards, or both and sets up in just minutes. Featuring a multi-layered design, the Intex 8 x 30 foot Swimming Pool can be setup and filled by just two adults in 10 minutes. The pool features an inflatable ring along the top to support the pool and as water fills the inside, the walls of the pool begin to stand up.

The sidewalls feature three separate layers for extra durability and added strength. The Intex Swimming Pool comes with a 300 gallon-per-hour filter pump that has an adjustable bracket mount and features a built in surface debris skimmer. Users can even attach a hose to the easy access drain plug, allowing the water to be drained away from the pool area.

The Positives
Intex’s Easy Set pools are great for smaller children or smaller yards. Easy for consumers to carry to the back yard and easy to assemble. Filter pump and instructional DVD included. Sidewalls are made of three separate layers of material for extra strength. Handy drain plug that connects to a garden hose so that water can be drained away.

The Negatives
Some comments about poor performance from pool’s durable sidewalls. The inflatable swimming pool will kill grass if it stays in one spot for several days.

So What’s The Scoop?
A handful of users experienced poor performance from their pool’s durable sidewalls, but the majority of users found the Intex Easy Set Round Pool to offer the best bang for their buck. The low, reasonable price of the Intex swimming pool combined with a reliable design made for enjoyable summers for numerous customers.

Intex Swimming Pool.

Intex Easy Set Swimming Pools.

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