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    Alex Toys Car Valet Is A Kids Travel Art And Activity Center

    May 23rd, 2020

    Product review of alex toys car valet.

    If your kids are like most, and are constantly asking “Are we there yet”, consider getting them a travel art and activity center like the Alex Toys Car Valet. This fold out table provides kids with the space to draw, color or play games. The upper storage compartment has colorful pockets to hold art supplies and even snacks. But be warned, the Alex Car Valet does not come with any crayons or other art supplies, the image of the product filled with various art supplies is simply an example of how to utilize the car valet. This stow and go tote is great for airplane travel or long car rides. It can be attached to the car seat in front of a child’s seat with Velcro straps.

    A few reviewers warn that the tote does not fit all car seat sizes, but the kit can still be used resting on a child’s lap. The tote zips closed for easy carrying during travel. The Alex Car Valet has won several awards including the Astra Good Toy Award, the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Sear Award, the Parenting Magazine Mom-Tested Award and the Dr. Toy’s Best Vacation Products Award. This award winning toy tote just may be the antidote to boring car rides!

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    Little Tikes Outdoor Playhouse Provides Endless Adventures

    February 3rd, 2020

    Product review of little tikes playhouse.

    If you are looking for a play environment that will occupy your three to six year old with nonstop, imaginative fun, the Little Tikes Endless Adventures Tikes Town playhouse is perfect! Unlike other playhouses that have a single theme, this creatively designed toy encompasses an entire town. One wall can be made into a schoolhouse or firehouse depending on which decals you apply. This side has a small corner table, a door, and chalkboard on the interior. Next, there is the sports wall. Your child can play basketball or toss the provided ball at targets or the net. The third wall is a drive up grocery complete with swing open window and bank ATM.

    The final side is the service station with gas pump and crawl through tire. Children will never run out of creative play ideas! Sturdily built of colorful molded plastic, the generously sized playhouse measures 55” long by 48.8” wide by 58” high. Perfect for the yard, deck, or playroom, this playhouse will provide years of imaginative play. The vast majority of reviewers are as delighted as their children with the playhouse. The consensus is the playhouse provides an imaginative setting for hours of role playing and just plain fun. Children never tire of the many creative activities the Little Tikes Playhouse inspires. A single reviewer mentioned that the inside of the playhouse is rather dark and lacks accompanying freestanding table or chairs.

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    Melissa And Doug Produces A Beautiful Princess Castle Playhouse

    December 6th, 2019

    Product review of melissa and doug castle.

    The Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Folding Princess Castle is not your average play castle. With solid wooden construction and hand painted details, this is a dream castle suitable for any princess in training! This Melissa and Doug Castle folds for easy storage and includes a working drawbridge, removable turrets and balconies fit for Rapunzel. Those who have purchased and reviewed the Melissa And Doug Castle have noted that they are impressed with the pretty details and the quality construction. Many have remarked that this cute castle could easily be passed down to future generations.

    The one complaint that a few reviewers have mentioned is the fact that the room openings are a bit too small for little hands to maneuver doll furniture in and out of. A tip regarding dollhouse furniture for this castle? Reviewers have recommended purchasing the Playmobil line of dollhouse furniture. The Melissa and Doug company does make a line of dollhouse furniture, but many have said that the furniture is simply too large to fit into the rooms. This beautiful play castle seems like a good bet for parents who want a quality play castle that will stand up to many years of prince and princess play.

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    Melissa & Doug Cutting Food Box Is Imaginative Pretend Play Food

    October 4th, 2019

    Product review of melissa and doug cutting food box.

    The Melissa & Doug Cutting Food Box is a kitchen play set with imaginative mini chefs in mind. This pretend play set includes more than 30 pieces including 8 pieces of food constructed from heavy, durable wood, a wooden knife and a cutting board. This play set ever features the satisfying sound of a “Crunch!” when the food is sliced. Though this Melissa & Doug cutting food box receives 5 out of 5 stars from over 200 reviewers, a handful of reviewers gave it much lower ratings. The main complaint from those that give the product low ratings was that the pieces had an extremely strong odor of paint fumes.

    The parents who mentioned this in their reviews found this fact coupled with the fact that the toy was made in China, unforgivable and unappetizing, especially given the recent press regarding the dangerous lead levels found in the paint coating toys imported from China. The Melissa & Doug Cutting Food Box is recommended for children ages 2 and up, but might be more appropriate for children slightly older who will be less likely to place the pieces in their mouths. This will eliminate the worry parents may have about the possibility of dangerous levels of lead in the paint.

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    These Silly Bandz Bracelets Come In 24 Assorted Rock Bandz Shapes

    August 3rd, 2019

    Product display of silly bandz bracelet.

    The hottest new craze for kids of all ages across the country is a Silly Bandz bracelet. These colorful, fun shaped rubber bands can be collected, traded, and worn. Silly Bandz are die cast silicone bands that will snap back to their original fun shape after they are removed from whatever they happen to be around; wrists, hair, or even as a necklace. They are made from safe, non-toxic silicone that does not pose a threat to your kids. The best part about Silly Bandz is the price. A pack of 24 usually costs about $5. With all the expensive trends and fads in clothes, it is a relief to parents to have a fad that is fun, age appropriate, and affordable.

    Kids can even buy the Silly Bandz pack that they want with their own allowances. With the low price they are even fun to trade with friends. It is important to note that while Silly Bandz come in cute shapes and bright colors, they are still rubber bands. If a child is wearing them as a bracelet or necklace, make sure that circulation is not cut off. Wearing rubber bands can be dangerous if there are too many or they are too small. Overall, Silly Bandz are a fun and cute way to be in on the latest trend. They are an accessory that is affordable and appropriate for all families. Get the kids in your life a jump on the newest fad, Silly Bandz!

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    The Melissa And Doug Kitchen Is An Exceptional Kids Play Kitchen

    May 12th, 2019

    Product review of melissa and doug kitchen.

    The Melissa and Doug Classic Deluxe Kitchen is every aspiring chef’s dream! This kitchen set is made from real wood, not the typical particleboard that is common with many pretend kitchens. The set provides ample space for little cooks to whip up some imaginative fun. Mini chefs can enjoy the busy work of prepping, cooking, cleaning and creating in this well designed kitchen center. The Kitchen includes a stove top that mimics the glow of real burners, a spacious sink for cleaning up, an oven with a see-through window for checking on dishes as they bake, a microwave with a working turntable and a stacked refrigerator and freezer.

    This Melissa And Doug Kitchen set boasts sturdy construction, rounded corners for safety and charming details such as oven knobs that really turn and a cute cherry and checkered backsplash. This Kitchen does require some heavy assembly, but the quality construction and materials make it worth the effort. The manufacturers recommended age is 3 to 7. Food play sets and kitchen accessories are sold separately. This piece of children’s play furniture will surely outlast childhood, making it a perfect choice to be passed on to the next generation of up and coming star chefs.

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    The Innovative Snap Circuits Jr Is An Award Winning Educational Toy

    January 2nd, 2019

    Product review of snap circuits jr.

    If you have an aspiring engineer on your hands, the Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 building set may be the perfect gift. This award winning educational toy comes with over 30 parts that easily snap together to create more than 100 projects. Inventive kids will enjoy making their very own working doorbell, burglar alarm, an AM radio or following the directions included with the kit to make other basic electronics. The Snap Circuits Jr building set gets unanimously rave reviews from those that have purchased the product. The snap circuits are constructed on plastic modules, require no soldering or tools. It is hard to find a bad review.

    The only complaint I was able to find was that kids were so excited to begin to create, they often didn’t stop to fully read and understand the instructions for each piece. Because instructions need to be followed for successful completion of each product, this product is recommended for ages 8 – 12. The pieces easily snap together, making this kit user friendly. Kids can enjoy experimenting with creating sound effects, creating games to play and building touch circuits. The Snap Circuits Jr. kit requires two “AA” batteries, which are not included with purchase.

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    Playhut Luxury House Serves Up Maximum Kids Playhouse Fun

    November 28th, 2018

    Product review of playhut luxury house.

    Big enough for a real party, the playhut luxury house will thrill any child and all of their friends too! The playhouse with attached screen room can fit up to sixteen children inside. This spacious playhouse is made from durable, non-woven fabric. The support structure is steel and allows the whole playhouse to neatly fold up into a flat, easily stored rectangular shape. This easy-fold technology makes for fast set up too. The playroom measures five feet on each side. The attached screened room is five feet tall by five feet wide by 50 inches long. There are two flap doors on the playhut for easy entrance and exit and mesh windows to peek out of.

    Convenient to take anywhere you go, the Playhut luxury house can be quickly set up at the park, the beach, or campground. It provides a shady place for the children to play and keeps them satisfied with a treasured activity from home. The ease of freeing up space when it is needed is an advantage over permanent play structures. Just fold up the playhouse, tuck it away, and use the room for other activities. Children will love this playhouse from the time they can first walk through its inviting doors until they are just too big to fit inside anymore!

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