Fun Times To Be Had On These Razor E100 Kids Electric Scooters

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Let’s face it – electric scooters are a blast for both kids and adults. If your child has been asking for an electric scooter, it may be time to start looking for one that’s sleek, stylish and of course – safe. Razor Electric Scooters are some of the most popular on the market and fit the needs of what kids and parents are looking for. The E100 is a chain-driven, high-torque motor scooter, being the perfect solution for preteens and teens looking to zip around the neighborhood in style. To use the scooter, simply give it a manual kickoff at 3 mph and then the speed can increase to 10 mph. This is the perfect speed, as your kid will be safe, while still having fun.

The scooter comes with a rechargeable battery that allows riders to cruise for 40 minutes at a time. Recommended for kids 8 and older, with a weight limit of 120 pounds, Razor kids electric scooters are highly recommended by online reviewers. Ratings from owners are mostly positive and rave about the speed and durability of the scooter, as well as the longevity of battery power.

Although a reputable brand, some online reviews had negative experiences with the product. The most common issue was that the mini scooter didn’t work for long, plus lacked in overall quality and construction. With such few reviews of this kind however, it’s possible that these may have been the lemons of the bunch.

The Positives
Sleek electric scooter with ultra-quiet belt-driven motor and twist-grip throttle. Requires a small manual kickoff to 3 mph before trigger engages motor. Motor cruises at speeds of up to 10 mph and up to 40 minutes of use per charge. Child electric scooter has hand-operated front brake for ease of use.

The Negatives
Some reviewers felt this electric motor scooter lacked in overall quality and construction. One reviewer mentioned the stopping power of the brakes were underwhelming.

So What’s The Scoop?
Many of the positive reviews came from parents who had purchased the scooter for a young child, around 7 or 8 years of age. In general, customers raved about the Razor Electric Scooters; a safe and stylish way for kids to get around!

Kids Electric Scooters Review.

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