An Adorable Mushroom Baby Pool Keeps Baby Cool and Shady

Last Updated on April 25, 2020 by Cassie Lyons

This precious looking baby pool has a couple of unique features – a mushroom shade top that keeps them from getting sunburned and a bottom that blows up so it’s softer than the hard ground or driveway you might set it on. When I did my research for this review, it got a few mixed reviews, but it seems to be a pretty good option for the money. This baby pool is large enough for an older baby or toddler to play in, though it’s probably not the best option for a baby who can’t sit up well yet. The blow-up bottom would make it easy to get thrown off balance! The sides are low enough that a crawler can get in and out on his own, too.

One interesting thing that some reviewers did was to turn this baby pool into an indoor, year-round toy. It can be a tent, a playhouse, or just about anything else with a little imagination.

The Positives
Lots of reviewers noted just how cute this little mushroom topped pool is, and I couldn’t agree more. The pool keeps baby and the water cool with the shaded top, though you might have to move it around as the sun changes angles. It’s a great size – easy to move around the yard, but big enough for a baby to do more than just sit in. The attached toys are really entertaining for little ones, though there are some small parts that you’ll have to watch your youngest babies with.

The Negatives
According to a few reviews, this baby swimming pool really just doesn’t last very long, and it’s not made of super durable plastic. This is partially just an issue of getting what you pay for, but some reviewers used the inflatable baby pool for months without a hitch. It can take quite a long time to blow up. I suggest investing in a small air pump or blowing it up with an air compressor. All those parts and pieces make it take even longer to blow up on your own!

So What’s The Scoop?
This is a baby pool I’d buy for my baby if I wanted something just for a summer, but I don’t know that I’d trust it for several years’ worth of use. But for the price, you really can’t beat it! If you’re looking for something more durable, you might want to pay a little more for a toddler pools from Sun Smart or Aqua Leisure.

Baby Pool.

Intex Mushroom Baby Pool.

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