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    Louisville Slugger Baseball Bat – A Wooden Bat That Delivers

    August 18th, 2020

    Product review of the louisville slugger baseball bat.

    The name Louisville Slugger Baseball Bat is synonymous with baseball. Their wood bats have been the backbone of the sport for decades and even as composite and aluminum bats emerged on the market, the professionals still turn to wood bats to help them knock out home runs and drive in runs. The Louisville Slugger Baseball Bat is just the latest bat to emerge from the factory. Fans of using the “lumber” when they step up to the dish know to seek out the correct balance of weight, length, barrel diameter, and feel. Thankfully Louisville offers a wide selection of bat shape and tape to accomplish the customization desire.

    Wood bats like the Louisville Slugger Adult Bat offer better customization to the individual than aluminum and composite bats since they can be shaped and tapered to match anyone’s swing. On the flip side, wood bats the “pop” of their counterparts with smaller sweet spots and less power hitting ability. Unlike aluminum, wood bats are also prone to being broken or splintered. The users all agree that Louisville is the name to trust in wood bats and like the generations of bats before it, this Louisville Slugger Adult Wood Bat lives up to its name. Whether you are a pro or a purist, a wood bat from Louisville Slugger is the way to go for an authentic feel at the plate.

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    Heavy Duty Diamond Baseball Equipment Bag Delivers

    August 2nd, 2019

    Product review of baseball equipment bag.

    It’s hard for a player to mentally prepare for a baseball or softball game when they are worrying about forgetting their cleats or batting gloves because they are in a different gym bag. Having a baseball equipment bag large enough to hold everything a player needs can quell those worries. The Diamond Equipment Bag from Diamond Sports is the perfect bag for any little leaguer or even high school player. Its large dimensions (36” x 12” x 15”) can hold everything a player would need on a road trip or just a day on the diamond. Bats, helmets, cleats, gloves, and uniforms can easily fit in the large, open compartment.

    Plus a small zippered area is perfect for holding eye-black and other smaller items. One of the ends is vented, so equipment can dry after a long game. Customers who have bought this baseball equipment bag have been pleased and even overwhelmed by how much it can carry. Reviews have also mentioned that the bag’s padded straps make carrying this bag more comfortable, even when full. Be warned though, that its size can be a bit much for younger ballplayers to manage. If keeping all of your baseball or softball gear in one place is important to you, then seriously consider the Diamond Equipment Bag.

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    Louisville Slugger Pitching Machine Is The Ultimate Pitching Machine

    September 27th, 2017

    Product review of louisville slugger pitching machine.

    Are you tired of paying for handfuls of batting cage tokens? Or maybe you want to improve the productivity of your team’s practices. Maybe adding a portable Louisville Slugger Pitching Machine to your arsenal of baseball equipment is just what you need. Softball and baseball players alike will enjoy practicing their hitting and fielding skills with the Louisville Slugger UPM 45 Blue Flame. This portable, man-powered pitching machine can pitch regulation-sized baseballs and softballs from 18 to 45 MPH, and with the use of lightweight balls, this machine can fire them in there with precision at 60 MPH.

    In addition to pitching, the UPM 45 Blue Flame can produce pop-flies for outfield practice and simulate infield hits. The unit weighs just 25 pounds, so getting it on and off the field shouldn’t be much trouble. Customers who have bought this machine have commented on how easy it is to dial in each pitch’s speed and location, and said how it consistently makes accurate pitches, giving batters more opportunities to practice. Some have mentioned that this pitching machine costs a bit more than other similar models, maybe because you’re paying for the Louisville Slugger name. Anyway you look at it, softball and baseball players and coaches will agree that this is one durable and dependable member of their team.

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    The Easton Tote Bag Offers A Quality Baseball and Softball Bag

    March 8th, 2016

    Product review of easton tote bag.

    Serious ballplayers need an equipment bag that can handle their gear, along with the wear and tear of a long season. Once the dog days of summer come around, you need a bag that can hold its weight. The top-selling Easton Tote Bag is built to handle whatever any baseball or softball player can throw at it. The bag measures 36” x 7” x 9” and contains a separate, zippered pocket for holding two softball or baseball bats. The interior is large enough to handle helmets, gloves, and uniforms, and inside the bag there is a security pocket to keep small items safe. The bag bag also has a metal fence clip, so you can use it as a bat holder during a game.

    Reviews from those who have purchased the Easton Tote Bag have found that this bag is useful for both adult and youth athletes, and that its straps make it easy to carry on long walks to the diamond. Some customers wished the bag could hold a few more softballs, but overall the reviews were positive. Keep in mind if the baseball bag is filled to maximum capacity, that it can be too heavy for youth under 10 to carry all by themselves. So whether you are playing in a Sunday softball league or need an equipment bag for your little leaguer, consider the durable Easton Tote Bag.

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