This Camp Stove Offers The Complete Outdoor Cooking Experience

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Despite all the conveniences of modern life, millions of Americans still love retreating to rustic cabins, RV parks, and secluded camp sites across the country. One of the greatest pleasures of a summer vacation such as those above is cooking outdoors over an open flame; but not everyone is gifted when it comes to getting a wood fire going, and who needs the mess of a charcoal grill. The Camp Chef Table Top Sport Stove is the perfect portable, gas powered camp stove for easy cooking on the go. Among the best features of the Camp Chef Stove are the two 30,000 BTU/hour burners.

These burners can tackle any cooking task from pancakes and bacon in the morning to lobster boils or pasta for dinner. The portable grill also comes with four removable legs that stand 20 inches high and can be easily attached and removed for compact transport. The stove’s closable lid serves as a windshield while cooking and protects the stove during transport when closed. Some have lamented the low quality construction of the unit, but still find it a worthwhile buy.

The Positives
Features two durable cast burners for complete outdoor cooking performance. Tabletop design for convenient on-the-go cooking with detachable legs included. Cook for groups with ease with the 364 sq. inch cooking surface. Neatly folds for easy storage and stove protection with the suitcase-style lid. Propane camp stove measures 14.75 Inches by 7.5 inches by 28.25 inches.

The Negatives
The lid, wind guards, and interior liner are low grade stamped steel and pot metal. One drawback is that most will have to bend over when cooking on it.

So What’s The Scoop?
The portable camp stove is the perfect travel companion for anyone headed to the cabin, RV park, or campsite. Few users could find negative remarks to make about the Camp Chef Camping Stove with the majority loving the portable nature of the stove as well as the solid power of the unit.

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