Discover This Highly Rated All Metal Construction Cardinal Bird Feeder

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If you’re looking for a great bird feeder at an affordable price, the No/No Red Cardinal Feeder is the perfect treat. In an attractive red color, you can count on No/No Feeders to deliver a full metal construction, with no wood or plastic. The feeder is even easy to keep clean, as you can place it in the dishwasher if you wish. The feeder can accommodate up to 20 birds at once and holds over 2.5 pounds of bird seed. A major advantage to this cardinal bird feeder is that it allows for both clinging and perching birds to feed at the same time. With the large hold of bird seed, you’ll find that you won’t have to fill this feeder as often as others.

Plus, it comes ready to hang and fill – no assembly required! You can also rest assured that the cardinal feeder is resistant against squirrel damage. This cardinal bird feeder is a top choice for many, as it’s more attractive and durable than a classic cardinal window feeder and allows for multiple birds to dine at the same time.

Although the majority of reviewers loved their purchase, some weren’t so happy. A common complaint is that the feeder actually attracts squirrels, yet this is widespread with all feeders. Others state that cardinals don’t care much for the feeder, as it’s difficult to get food from as the wire mesh.

The Positives
No/No Feeders have all metal construction. No wood or plastic used. Holds over 2.5 pounds of black oil sunflower seeds, great for wild birds. Feeds 15-20 birds at once; huge feeding area means fewer refills. Accommodates both clinging and perching birds at the same time. Window bird feeder requires no assembly and is ready to hang and fill.

The Negatives
A problem this backyard wild bird feeder is that when it cold the door latch can freeze shut. Issues with this feeder attracting other starlings, crows and sparrows.

So What’s The Scoop?
Reports online rave about the price of this cardinal bird feeder, as it’s affordable, especially compared to some of the wooden specialty designs that lack in features. Even with some negative feedback, most people agree that this feeder is a friendly option for hungry cardinal.

Cardinal Bird Feeders Squirrel Proof.

Druable All Metal Bird Feeder.

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