The Duncraft Platform Bird Feeder Is An All Weather Conditions Feeder

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The Duncraft Platform Bird Feeder is the perfect way for nature lovers to feed a variety of birds! The feeder is squirrel-proof and made entirely of metal in order to withstand the changing temperatures outdoors. A roof protects the feeder from rain and snow, and the sturdy construction wards off chewing from animals. Holding one pound of seeds, you can fill the bellies of quite a few birds! With options to hang or post-mount the platform bird feeder, this is one product that is attractive and accommodates birds of all types. Although the Duncraft feeder has plenty to offer, other feeders on the market have the same amenities.

For example, the Brome Wild Bird Feeder has room for a variety of birds, while keeping out squirrels. Reviews are positive because this feeder has 6 different feeding stations and multiple perches. However, many customers still preferred the Duncraft, as it’s made from metal instead of plastic and offers a protective roof. Ratings from owners are mixed, as some had great experiences with the feeder.

Yet others had less positive things to say, with a common problem being that the feeder doesn’t ward off squirrels. In fact, some people found that squirrels were more attracted! Although many reviews stated that squirrels were indeed a problem, they weren’t able to eat from the feeder as much as others on the market.

The Positives
Bird feeder roof for protection from rain and snow. Crafted entirely in metal for all weather practicability. Squirrel blocker system with metal grids and mesh screen. Built-in hole for post-mounting on 1-inch diameter posts. Squirrel proof feeder measures 14-3/4 by 11-3/4 by 10-1/2 inches.

The Negatives
Common problem being that the feeder does not always ward off squirrels. A few reports that the bird feeder is difficult to clean.

So What’s The Scoop?
Online reviews loved the durability, screened bottom and attractive look of the feeder. All in all, this is the perfect bird feeder for handling a variety of birds, while looking attractive in the yard.

Duncraft Bird Feeder.

Modern Bird Feeder.

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