The Large Plano 3500 Tackle Box Is A Very Sturdy Plastic Tackle Box

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Tackle boxes are meant to keep items organized and easy to find, but too often they begin to resemble a junk drawer after only a few uses. When you run out of compartments and spaces, things begin to accumulate on top of each other. The Plano 3500 Size Tackle Box looks to eliminate the clutter by providing a space for all of your tiny, easy-to-lose items. This plastic tackle box stands at just under a foot tall and is about 11” wide, and has four pull-out organizer trays that can hold just about anything needed for fishing or crafts. There is also a storage bin on the top of the box that has no dividers, so larger items can be stored with ease. When on-the-go, the trays and lid lock securely in place, keeping your items from shifting or becoming loose. Some customers reported that the box is a little on the small side, though.

The Positives
Includes Plano plastic tackle box small 4-by rack system. Bulk storage under lid with four 2-3500 Prolatch boxes included. This discount tackle box has 4 boxes with individually protected lids. Plano brochure and nameplate order form.Even if dropped each department section is very secure to help reduce shuffling.

The Negatives
One reviewer felt the tackle box was not as big as other full sized tackle boxes. An owner felt the construction of the plastic was a bit cheap.

So What’s The Scoop?
Customers who have bought this tackle box really enjoy having a large amount of divided areas for keeping different beads or lures organized, and have reported that even when it is accidentally dropped, everything stays exactly where it’s supposed to.

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Plano 3500 Size Tackle Box.

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