Sigma Bike Computer Offers Nine Different Tracking Functions

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Biking is a wonderful sport and hobby for many. From enthusiasts to casual riders, keeping track of performance while on a bike is important. The Sigma BC906 9-Function Topline Wired Bicycle Speedometer helps the bicyclist do just that. This Sigma Speedometer has nine functions. Compare your average speed with your actual speed and see your maximum speed as well as keep track of both trip and total distances. The bike computer lets you see your total and trip riding times. Easily mounted without any needed tools, the Sigma Bike Computer comes with a three-volt lithium CR2032 battery plus a low battery warning indicator.

It features a watertight construction, and is known to be programmed without much difficulty. Seven languages are available for programming. Customers on Amazon have given overall positive reviews of the Sigma Speedometer, noting it’s simple installation and accurate, easy to read LCD display.

The Positives
Monitor individual rides, and overall training schedules. Tracks your trip, your overall speed, distance, and riding time. The wireless bike computer offers a small, low-profile keeps wind resistance to a minimum. No tools required design ensures quick installation with included lithium battery. If the battery is running low, a reminder alarms the bike rider.

The Negatives
One reviewer felt the unit was poorly constructed and had technical issues. An owner mentioned the bike handle bracket didn’t snap on very securely.

So What’s The Scoop?
Some customers did note the accompanying manual did seem a bit difficult to follow at first. Whether you’re a serious cyclist or just enjoy taking rides through your neighborhood, the Sigma Bike Computer is certain to meet all your needs.

Sigma BC906 9 Function Topline Wired Bicycle Speedometer.

Sigma Bike Computers.

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