The Delta Airzound Bike Horn Is A Loud And Effective Horn

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It’s inevitable if you’re riding a bike: some car, not paying attention, with pull a crazy maneuver that puts you in danger. In a situation like this, a tiny, polite ding from a traditional bike bell is simply not going to do the trick; in this case, you need a loud attention grabber like the Delta Airzound Bike Horn. There are three main factors that make this product worth checking into. First and foremost, the Delta Airzound Bike Horn promises loud sounds at the touch of your finger. In fact, the Airzound can reach up to 115 decibels, but also comes with a control for volume which helps in different environments. This is important when considering biking around quiet neighborhoods.

Next, the Airzound requires no batteries or cartridges and is refillable with any standard bike pump. Third, Delta offers a lifetime warranty on manufacturer defects. Also, installation is easy as the unit fits right on your bike’s handlebar. It should be noted, though, that several reviewers have noticed the loud sound can scare pedestrians and felt this product should be used by mature, safety-minded adults.

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The Positives
Let cars know you’re coming with the Delta Airzound bike horn. It’s super loud, blasting out a warning at 115 dB, and it features a volume control. It requires no batteries or cartridges, simply fill the ultra-light air reservoir. Delta Cycle offers only a concentrated product line that represent the best. For over 20 years, Delta Cycle has created useful cycling products.

The Negatives
Loud sound can scare pedestrians so bike horn should be used responsibly. May not fit thicker handle bars as the mount won’t fit around them.

So What’s The Scoop?
Customers reviews online felt this bike horn really contributed to the safety of their bike rides, and noted the unit does produce very loud sounds.

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