Radio Flyer Big Flyer Is A Fast And Cool Big Wheel Bike

Last Updated on June 27, 2020 by Cassie Lyons

There’s nothing cooler to a little boy than his very own big wheeled bike. If you have a son who is anywhere from three years to seven years old and are in the market for a tricycle, then check out this Radio Flyer Big Flyer. Radio Flyer has given this bike a big wheel update for today’s little boys. Probably the greatest feature that parents will like is the adjustable seat that allows the tricycle to grow with your little guy. The three adjustable seat positions ensure your son will get years of enjoyment out of this trike. The tires, too, are ideal for riding; the large front tire has a gripping tread, and the rear tires are wide for an added tip-resistant bonus.

The racing pendant will make the trike cool in your tyke’s eyes, but more visible to passerby’s and cars. Real chrome handle bars with molded handgrips round out the features on this Radio Flyer tricycle. However, some reviewers did note their children had trouble pedaling up even small hills.

The Positives
Three adjustable seat positions allow this trike to grow with your child. This kids tricycle features real chrome handle bars and molded handgrips. A racing pennant makes this trike more visible and safer for the child. The Big Flyer’s big front tire features a performance grip tread. Rear racing slick style tires are extra wide for stability.

The Negatives
One reviewer thought the wheels needed more traction to make it up a hill easily. A few owners commented that the pedals seem to come off too easily.

So What’s The Scoop?
Overall, online customer reviews noted the kids tricycle is quite durable. Most commented on its ease of assembly, great look, and strong construction.

Radio Flyer 79S Big Flyer.

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  1. Sam Aliie says:

    The best gift I gave my fun-loving kid is the radio flyer. It’s very safe to use and I feel secure when they ride it. The people who designed the radio flyer really kept the child’s safety in their mind while creating it. I love the fact that the seat can be adjusted so that the tricycle can “grow” with him. He love’s it so much and so do I.

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  2. Product Scoop says:

    Please share with us any of your questions or comments concerning this Radio Flyer Big Flyer review! Here’s the manufacturer link for the Radio Flyer 79S Big Flyer.

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