The Allen Tension Bar Bicycle Cross Bar Adapter Fits Most Bikes

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A fantastic way to get your bikes from place to place is a sturdy bike rack. A crucial piece of equipment to make this possible is a cross-bar that your bikes hang from while on the bike rack. A particular bar that is very stout and capable of putting the bike in its place is the Allen Tension Bar Bicycle Cross Bar Adaptor. Reports are that even at high highways speeds, like 70 mph, you can feel confident that even your expensive Trek Bike Adaptor will stay in place and you won’t see your bike tumbling down the road in your rear view mirror. There’s rubber coatings on both ends that prevents scratching your bike’s sleek finish.

The tension bar expands to any size bike, (woman’s, child’s, or youth’s bike onto a standard hitch mount bike rack) which is nice if you’re a female and have a smaller sized bike. The resize mechanism is quite easy, takes only a few seconds and then you’re ready to load the bike onto your rack.

The Positives
Allen Tension Bar creates a top tube for non-conventional frames. Internal spring keeps your bikes secure to prevent bikes loosening. Plastic coated hooks protect bicycle’s finish. Bicycle cross bar adapter has Lifetime on workmanship and materials. One pinch and you can set the bikes up like a pro with minimum effort.

The Negatives
Didn’t fit the bike as the instructions suggested for one reviewer. Some would have preferred rubber ends at both ends instead of metal.

So What’s The Scoop?
It’s a well constructed unit (internal spring keeps your bikes secure) and designed to last a lifetime. If you’re looking for a quality cross bar that fits nearly any bike size, this Allen Cross Bar exceeds on a lot of points and you should dig it!

Allen Tension Bar.

Best Bicycle Cross Bar Adaptor.

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