Bradley Smoker Bisquettes Are Rendered From Natural Hardwoods

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The singular reason for any individual to use a smoker with their food is to enhance their meal with nearly unmatched flavor and succulence. Using old fashioned wood smokers works just fine, but sometimes it is nice to get different flavors infused into your meats and fish. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is with the use of smoker bisquettes such as the Bradley Smoker 5 Flavor Variety Bisquettes 60 Pack. The Bradley Smoker Bisquettes are produced from hardwood and are free of additives, resulting in a clean smoke flavor. Designed for use with the Bradley electronic smoker, these bisquettes are consumed at a rate of one every 20 minutes.

This means each 60 pack provides 20 hours of smoking. The pack includes alder, maple, hickory, and cherry flavors, as well as special blend. The flavors in the Bradley Smoker 5 Flavor Variety Bisquettes are best used with seafood, ham, and bacon. Other bisquette packets on the market often feature just one flavor compared to the five flavors found in the Bradley Smoker 60 pack. In addition, while these other BBQ briquettes chips are cheaper, they often include less total quantity than the Bradley pack.

The Positives
Rendered from natural hardwoods without additives, producing a clean flavor. Approximately a total of 20 hours of smoke per package. Alder and maple give a rich and distinct flavor used with seafood, hams, and bacon. The timed bbq smoker chips produce a cool clean smoke. Bradley bisquettes can be used on any grill, barbecue, or smoker. Pack includes five flavors alder, maple, hickory, cherry, and special blend.

The Negatives
The biggest complaint from many was that the sampler pack had only enough variety in it for one shot in the smoker, meaning they had to buy more to try one individual flavor a second time.

So What’s The Scoop?
Online reviewers struggled to find any drawbacks to the Bradley Smoker Bisquettes. If you own an electric smoker, then Bradley Smoker 5 Flavor Variety Bisquettes are the best option for bringing flavor to your smoked meals.

Bradley Smoker 5 Flavor Variety Bisquettes.

Bradley Smoker Bisquettes.

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