The GasWatch Propane Tank Gauge Includes A Built In Leak Detector

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The advent of the propane grill brought with it many conveniences to grilling, as well as some drawbacks. Propane grills are quicker to start than charcoal grills and provide more even heat for longer. But the propane grill isn’t without its downsides. Purists dislike the lack of “smoky” flavor to their food, but even more serious is the potential danger of cooking with gas. The GasWatch Propane-Level Indicator and Safety Gauge was designed to take the danger out of cooking with propane. The propane tank gauge attaches to any propane tank under 40lbs and is easy to use as it requires no tools to attach. Gas gauge measures 8-4/5 by 5-3/5 by 4-1/2 inches.

The indicator not only has an easy to read color dial to help avoid untimely gas outages, but also comes with a built in leak detector and an emergency flow limiter to prevent serious problems in the event of a major leak. The propane tank gauge provides not only a convenient way to check propane levels in your tanks, but also gives users peace of mind and safety.

The Positives
Propane level indicator and safety gauge with easy-to-read colored dial. For propane tanks up to 40 pounds; easy to connect; no tools required. Built-in leak detector; emergency flow limiter in the event of a major leak. For use with gas grills, patio heaters, and other outdoor appliances.

The Negatives
For some units hookup will block the grill cabinets from closing. A number of reports of the propane level indicator registering empty when installed.

So What’s The Scoop?
A surprising number of users found the propane reading ability of the GasWatch Propane Level Indicator inaccurate, but nevertheless the vast majority of users were very happy with their purchase and found no problems with their unit.

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