Lasko 3 Gallon Evaporative Recirculating Humidifier Performs Well

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While many people will tell you that the cold is the worst part of any winter, you may be shocked to find that dry air is one of the biggest nuisances during the winter months. Even the most humid climates can experience dry, cold winter months that are often made worse with heating systems are running at max capacity around the clock. Those who suffer from dry air don’t have to anymore with the Lasko 1115 3-Gallon Evaporative Recirculating Humidifier. Capable of pumping moist air into rooms as large as 800 square feet, this Lasko humidifier is the perfect answer to the cold, dry air of the winter months.

The Lasko 1115 3-Gallon Evaporative Recirculating Humidifier is designed with three speeds and a recirculation system, making it easy to pump moist air into any room and maintain any comfort level in the process. Lasko’s recirculation system keeps the humidifier’s filter constantly wet, providing two benefits. First, a moist filter provides clean, long-lasting output. Secondly, by keeping the entire surface of the filter moist the humidifier has improved efficiency.

The recirculation system also prevents standing water in the unit which can lead to the dispersal of pollutants in the air. These Lasko humidifiers pumps only cool, clean, moist air into any room of the house. Much like any product, the Lasko recirculating humidifier is not perfect and some customers have experienced issues with their units. The largest con experienced by users was a leak developing in the water tank after a month or so of use.

The Positives
3-speed evaporative recirculating humidifier for spaces up to 800 square feet. Disperses cool, clean, invisible moisture without white dust or over-humidification. 1-3/4-gallon transparent water compartment with 3-gallon output-capacity per day. Large output grill, on/off indicator light and evaporative filter pad included. Helps remove water contaminants and won’t re-circulate airborne particles.

The Negatives
A few reviewers mentioned a leak developing in the water tank afters some use. Humidifier does not have an auto-shutoff feature.

So What’s The Scoop?
For the majority of users however, the pros far outweighed the one major con of this portable humidifier. Many customers have been impressed by its relatively quiet performance, impressive output, and ease of use and maintenance.

Lasko Recirculating Humidifier.

Lasko 1115 3 Gallon Evaporative Recirculating Humidifier.

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