Sleep The Night Away With The Aerobed King Size Air Mattress

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Isopure is made by Nature’s Best. The Dutch Chocolate flavor is low carb and comes in a variety of sizes packages ranging from one pound to seven and a half pounds. It is a protein powder supplement that is used to create shakes to drink. It features 50 grams of whey protein isolate that is 100 percent ion exchanged per serving. It has no sugar and zero carbohydrates. The Isopure Protein Powder is lactose free and is glutamine enriched as well as having other vitamins and minerals. It also comes in more than ten other flavors besides the Dutch Chocolate flavor. It mixes easily though some report some settling or separation when mixed.

It is also more expensive than some other protein powders on the market. When it comes to taste, reviews were mixed. Some report the Dutch Chocolate as the best flavor of the brand. While another equated the taste to sugar-free Carnation Instant Breakfast.

Several reviewers reported that they were unable to stand the aftertaste and several just felt the taste was very bad. The protein powder by Isopure is a supplement that can be used by a variety of people such as bodybuilders, athletes and those who have bariatric surgery. As with anything that is flavored, it will not appeal to all tastes.

The Positives
Offering 50 grams of 100% ion exchange whey protein isolate per serving. Zero carb protein powder with no sugar. Great tasting, lactose free and glutamine enriched protein supplement. Glutamine enriched loaded with BCAAs. This pure protein powder incldues vitamins and minerals with each serving.

The Negatives
Not all users felt the taste was good enough for regular use. This product contains sucralose.

So What’s The Scoop?
Those who have used this Isopure Protein Powder protein powder were happy with the amount of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals that are in it. There were mixed reviews on the flavor of the protein, but considering how many different flavors are available, you should be able to find one that suits your tastes.

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