Wenzel Full Size Air Mattress Offers Good Design And Craftsmanship

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When guests come to visit, a temporary bed can solve all types of problems. For years, the Aero-Bed was the popular model to buy. However, with so many reviews about the air leaks and other problems that happen to that model on Amazon, the better bed to think about is the Wenzel Insta-Bed. The reviews for the Wenzel Insta-Bed in the Queen version seem to be mostly good with just a few small problems. In the lesser ratings for the Wenzel Full-Grip Bottom airbed, some users did not like the plastic smell that the new full size air mattress bed has when it is first taken out of the package. Might want to air it out a day or two upon opening.

The other common complaint surrounds the size of the storage pouch that is hard to pack the mattress back into when it is not in use. Overall, everybody seemed to be very happy with his or her Wenzel Instant Bed purchases. Inflatable beds are often used by college students when they first leave home to live in a new apartment. When this model of blow-up bed is used for long periods, it is necessary to turn on the pump every few days to top the mattress off with air to make it firm again.

The Positives
Luxurious raised queen-sized airbed with same height as regular mattress. Integrated Insta-III AC 120 volt pump which inflates mattress in just 90 seconds. Underside grips the floor and keeps the bed from sliding. Includes nylon carry bag with shoulder straps and includes a one-year warranty.

The Negatives
The queen sized mattress new plastic smell for some was too strong when first taken out of box. Some reviewers thought the storage pack was too small to repack the mattress in.

So What’s The Scoop?
Many of the online reviews were thrilled to find the bed very easy to put up or to take down quickly. The Wenzel Full Size Air Mattress discount mattress appears to be a value oriented product.

Queen Mattress.

Wenzel Insta Bed Queen Raised Sure Grip Bottom With Built In Pump.

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