Stearns Child’s Classic Boating Vest Is A Sturdy Youth Life Jacket

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Taking the family boat out on the lake is a great way to spend a hot summer afternoon. If you have little ones aboard, a life jacket is an essential safety device that ensures the afternoon passes by safely. Consider the Stearns Child’s Classic Boating Vest if you’re in the market for such a safety device. This child’s life jacket is designed with small children in mind and can fit children with a weight range of thirty to fifty pounds. The vest is constructed out of nylon for durability and is crafted with open sides to ensure a child’s comfort. One inch webbing ensures the boating vest is secure and safe for your child or youth.

Also featured is a leg strap that makes sure the vest stays on the child and in place, even in the water. Best of all, the boating vest is approved by the Coast Guard. If there was one concern among customers providing reviews on Amazon, it would be that the sizing of the flotation device seems to vary. One customer felt the vests seemed too small for kids above thirty pounds, while another felt the vest would work best with children weighing in at forty to fifty pounds. All in all, reviews were very positive.

The Positives
For young children that weigh between 30-50 lbs. Constructed of durable nylon with 1″ webbing and open sides for comfort. Kid’s life jacket features a leg strap to ensure that the vest stays on your child. This personal boating life vest flotation device is Coast-Guard approved. Infant life vest has 3 chest buckles in addition to the strap between the legs.

The Negatives
One reviewer felt the vests seemed too small for kids above thirty pounds. The youth life jacket is available in only two colors.

So What’s The Scoop?
Most owners felt the Stearns Child’s Boating Vest was a solid purchase. Especially since it included three chest buckles in addition to the strap between the legs. That way your loved one is very secure in the life jacket.

Stearns Childs Classic Boating Vest Purple.

Childs Life Vest.

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