Kids Water Skis Include Adjustable Bindings For Growing Children

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Looking for a way to get the family out of the house, into some beautiful weather, and in the water these summer months? Consider water skiing. Even the little ones can get involved with these Kwik Tek ST-150 Trainer Skis. Forty-eight inches long and constructed of wood, these kids water skis are sure to provide learning and fun for your children. These skis are designed to fit from a child’s size twelve to an adult size five, making it ideal for use with children. Featuring a crossbar that improves control and distributes the weight of the skier, plus a double handled tow rope, these kids water skis are made for beginning level skiers.

The cross bar is removable as are the skis’ tail ties. Constructed out of wood for many years’ worth of fun in the water, these skis also feature nylon rudders that are reinforced by fiberglass.

The Positives
Fully equipped from bindings to double-handle tow rope to make water skiing fun. Crossbar at the tips improves control by distributing tension equally to the skier. Fiberglass-reinforced nylon rudders increase stability and tracking. Wood skis designed to last through years on the water with beginning skiers. Comfortable slide bindings adjust to fit child size 12 to adult size 5.

The Negatives
A complaint that the foot bindings were uncomfortable for the child’s ankles. The color and graphics on the trainer skis may not be to everyone’s liking.

So What’s The Scoop?
The design lends itself to beginners under 100 pounds and also ensures an easy start plus good control, stability and tracking throughout the ride. While the Kwik Tek Kids Water Skis product users provided a positive customer review, it should be noted the customer felt the adjustable foot bindings were hard, digging into the learning child’s feet.

Kids Water Ski.

Kwik Tek ST 150 Trainer Skis 48.

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