The Easton Tote Bag Offers A Quality Baseball and Softball Bag

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Serious ballplayers need an equipment bag that can handle their gear, along with the wear and tear of a long season. Once the dog days of summer come around, you need a bag that can hold its weight. The top-selling Easton Tote Bag is built to handle whatever any baseball or softball player can throw at it. The bag measures 36” x 7” x 9” and contains a separate, zippered pocket for holding two softball or baseball bats. The interior is large enough to handle helmets, gloves, and uniforms, and inside the bag there is a security pocket to keep small items safe. The bag bag also has a metal fence clip, so you can use it as a bat holder during a game.

Reviews from those who have purchased the Easton Tote Bag have found that this bag is useful for both adult and youth athletes, and that its straps make it easy to carry on long walks to the diamond. Some customers wished the bag could hold a few more softballs, but overall the reviews were positive.

The Positives
Two bat compartment that will securely hold two baseball or softball bats. Bat bag offers metal hanging fence clip and interior valuables pocket. Durable 600D polyester and has embossed PVC construction. Equipment bag available in 10 unique colors to match uniforms. Plenty of room for a couple bats, gloves, water bottle, helmet and other items.

The Negatives
If you have quite a bit of baseball or software ball equipment, it may not all fit in. Size of some helmets prevented the bag from zipping up.

So What’s The Scoop?
Keep in mind if the baseball bag is filled to maximum capacity, that it can be too heavy for youth under 10 to carry all by themselves. So whether you are playing in a Sunday softball league or need an equipment bag for your little leaguer, consider the durable Easton Tote Bag.

Easton Bat Bag.

Easton Baseball Bag.

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