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The name Louisville Slugger Baseball Bat is synonymous with baseball. Their wood bats have been the backbone of the sport for decades and even as composite and aluminum bats emerged on the market, the professionals still turn to wood bats to help them knock out home runs and drive in runs. The Louisville Slugger Baseball Bat is just the latest bat to emerge from the factory. Fans of using the “lumber” when they step up to the dish know to seek out the correct balance of weight, length, barrel diameter, and feel. Thankfully Louisville offers a wide selection of bat shape and tape to accomplish the customization desire.

Wood bats like the Louisville Slugger Adult Bat offer better customization to the individual than aluminum and composite bats since they can be shaped and tapered to match anyone’s swing. On the flip side, wood bats the “pop” of their counterparts with smaller sweet spots and less power hitting ability. Unlike aluminum, wood bats are also prone to being broken or splintered.

The Positives
Wood bats have choices in terms of shape and taper to customize your swing. The bat handle covering is made of leather or synthetic leather for a solid grip. Heavier bats provide more power while lighter bats faster swing speeds. Longer baseball bats provide greater reach and ability to connect with pitches. Look for a bat with a long, wide grain, which indicates a dense, mature tree.

The Negatives
Wood bats are also prone to being broken or splintered. Compared to metal bats, wooden baseball bats have a smaller sweet spot.

So What’s The Scoop?
The users all agree that Louisville is the name to trust in wood bats and like the generations of bats before it, this Louisville Slugger Adult Wood Bat lives up to its name. Whether you are a pro or a purist, a wood bat from Louisville Slugger is the way to go for an authentic feel at the plate.

Louisville Slugger Adult Wood Bat.

Louisville Slugger Baseball Bats.

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