Zoo Med Eco Carpet: Good for Your Pet, Good for the World

Last Updated on April 29, 2019 by Cassie Lyons

Zoo Med Eco Carpet is a substrate option for those who are purchasing a new reptile to add to their family. The product is made of recycled materials and is soft enough for any reptile you can think of. There are two color options- green or brown- and three size options- 10”L x20”W, 12”L x 30”W, or 15”L x 48”W. Each of these sizes though can be cut to specific fit the terrarium you are using. The product can be machine washed or hand washed and is recommended to weekly do one of these options with a reptile safe cleaner like Zoo Med’s Wipe Out 1.

The Positives
This product is good for the environment and good for your pet. Recycling is an important part of my life, so just knowing this is where my water bottles go makes me feel relieved. Plus this substrate is the safest you can get! It’s soft so it won’t harm delicate reptiles like leopard geckos, and it doesn’t have strings to catch toes on, nor is it made of loose particles that can lead to impactions. It is also pretty thin so you won’t have to worry about an under tank heater not being able to provide enough heat through it. I also like that you can cut it to fit your tank and there is no fraying to worry about.

The Negatives
Being honest, saying there are negatives to this is just nit-picking. The only thing I could possibly think of is more of an aesthetic suggestion, and that would be to vary the color in it more to look more like rock or sandy in textured. Me even complaining about that is really just trying to critique an already amazing product.

So What’s The Scoop?
Zoo Med Eco Carpet is a substrate product used for reptile terrariums. The carpet is made 100% out of recycled materials making it a truly “eco” carpet. But not only is this product good for the environment, but it really is an amazingly safe substrate for almost any reptile. It is soft, absorbent, and won’t lead to impactions. Many people recommend this product specifically for juveniles but I personally keep my “special” reptiles on it too. I think this product really is a necessity for any reptile owner and has nearly no negatives to speak of.



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