These Wooden Alphabet Blocks Offer A Classic Educational Toy

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These are just like the sturdy wood blocks you played with as a child, but even more fascinating! Not only do the blocks have the letters of the alphabet, they also have a math symbol or number and an animal printed on the blocks. Each of the 28 blocks has four letters, two of them embossed for an extra visual and tactile treat. The last two sides have a little extra learning boost with a delightful animal and number or mathematical process symbol. Each wooden alphabet block is brightly printed with non-toxic inks and finely crafted of smooth wood for years of play. Not only a favorite of very young children who love to build walls and towers from the blocks.

But, these blocks will provide entertainment as children grow and learn the alphabet. Older children can form words, work simple math problems, ponder the animals on the blocks, and continue using them to build. Long after other toys are abandoned, these classic embossed wooden alphabet blocks remain a favorite toy as a child grows. Larger than most other wooden blocks, these are 44mm or 1.8 inches per side.

The Positives
The set of 28 blocks is finely crafted and colorfully painted with non-toxic inks. Standard ABC blocks are a generous cubed for easy easy. Patterned after blocks from the turn-of-the-century. They are made with non-toxic paint and are virtually indestructable. Features a unique animal picture, a number or math symbol, and four letters. Ages 2 and up are recommended to play.

The Negatives
A report that the cube edging was not sanded down enough and has rough edges.

So What’s The Scoop?
Easy to grasp, easy to stack, these wooden blocks will be sure to delight baby and provide continuous enjoyment as baby grows.

Wood Alphabet Blocks.

Baby Alphabet Blocks.

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