Sonin Wood Moisture Meter Tests Hard Or Soft Wood Accurately

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Water may be the greatest source of life on planet Earth, but it can be the most destructive force on the planet as well. Aside from the obvious hazards posed by water during natural disasters, water can cause extreme damage and pose health risks when it seeps into structures such as offices and homes. Unfortunately, water damage is not always easy to see so we need tools like the Sonin Moisture Test Meter. The moisture testing meter from Sonin is the perfect tool for testing a variety of surfaces from wood and plaster, to carpet and more. This wood moisture meter features a separate contact probe at the end of a 3-foot long coiled cable.

This make the Sonin moisture meter making it easy to test hard to reach nooks and crannies. Other moisture testing meters exist on the marketplace, but few of them offer the separate probe making them difficult to use in a variety of situations. Even fewer models offer the water alarm that this model has, alerting users immediately to the presence of water. Online reviewers were unanimous in their approval of the Sonin wood moisture meter.

The Positives
Use it to check surfaces before painting, wallpapering, or laying floors or tile. The 10-point scale corresponds to moisture levels from 10 to 28% and contact probes are on a 3-foot cable for detecting moisture in hard to reach spots. This moisture meter works on wood, concrete, plaster, carpet and drywall, so you can easily assess the extent of wet rot.

The Negatives
Not many online owner issues, but read of some issues with the solder joint inside the probe breaking under pressure. Also keep in mind this Sonin Wood Moisture Meter does not have an auto shut off function.

So What’s The Scoop?
All reviewers reported great feedback on the meter, and many of them raved about the separate contact probe and coiled cable system. Users were impressed the units ability to find pockets of moisture and water, both big and small. If you are a weekend do-it-yourselfer about to begin a big remodel or looking for the source of a leak inside your home, the Sonin Moisture Test Meter is the perfect tool to begin your job with.

Sonin 50211 Rapitest Moisture Test Meter.

Wood Moisture Meter.

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