A Wireless Digital Thermometer That Is Very Affordable

Finding a reliable outdoor/indoor wireless digital thermometer can be a struggle with a lot of cheap imitations on the market. Include the features of keeping track of time, as well as the temperature, with a wireless remote and you might be searching for that ideal product for a while. In searching for a wireless digital thermometer we can across the La Crosse Technology 9160U Digital Thermometer. This thermometer comes in a sleek design and temperatures are displayed in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. The display is bold and offers easy-to-read digits that display time in both 12 or 24 hour time options.

You can hang it on the wall or let it free stand somewhere you can easily see it. The base station for this system is narrow and takes up only a little table space. You can position the wireless thermometer up to 330 feet away from the base station. Need some other locations to read the temp? Don’t worry, you can receive weather data from up to three different sensors.

The Positives
Digital thermometer with wireless remote and clock. Remote sensor transmits from up to 330 feet for great range. Receives weather data from up to 3 sensors (other remotes sold separately). Temperatures displayed in either Fahrenheit or Celsius; 12/24-hour time display. Wireless Digital Thermometer records daily high and low temperatures.

The Negatives
Some have found the performance this indoor digital thermometer to be consistently inaccurate. Reports of the remote that is included does not work properly with the main unit.

So What’s The Scoop?
The accurate temperature data is easily transmitted across from your garage, backyard, greenhouse or anywhere you would like to see the current temperature. This wireless unit meets our wish list for an affordable digital thermometer.

La Crosse Technology Digital Thermometer.

Wireless Indoor Outdoor Thermometer.

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