Vitamin Friends Iron Vegetarian Gummies: Gummy Bears With a Twist

Last Updated on August 31, 2017 by Cassie Lyons

Vitamin Friends Iron Vegetarian Gummies are strawberry flavored gummies that have 15mg of ferrous fumarate per bear. The serving size is only one gummy bear a day, so with kids this makes things way easier than trying to get three or more in them like many other supplements request. These gummies are vegan, organic, and allergen free. In case you don’t know, the allergen free part is quite unique- there is no gluten, dairy, or nuts in this product, guaranteed. One thing I’d like to mention about this product is even though I’m an adult, I take these gummies. Why don’t I just take the “big kid” pills that have a higher concentration? Well, something many people with anemia may realize immediately is an intolerance actually to pill forms of iron, it’s actually well known for causing nausea. I’ve tried several times to take the pill forms, but they never stay down- but these gummies do, no nausea whatsoever either. That’s why I feel it’s important to get the word out about these being a viable option instead of going to injections or infusions!

The Positives
There are a few things I really want to rave about for this product. The allergen free guarantee for example is phenomenal. Especially with kids, those with celiac disease tend to have a hard time digesting iron in the first place (I can vouch from experience) so the fact that the iron we need doesn’t have trace elements of what were allergic to in it, is something many people don’t think about but it really makes a difference. Also, sometimes you don’t know yet if your child is lactose intolerant or has a nut allergy or even tests positive for celiac, so why not stay on the safe side if you can? I also love the packaging of this product and how the bears themselves look like sugar coated gummy bears- perfect marketing technique for anyone who doesn’t enjoy taking medicine and a perfect way to trick kids into being healthy, it could even be a daily reward for making their bed or something small like that in the morning!

The Negatives
There is a negative I would like to mention, but I believe it is more relevant to adults who may think too much when they eat. Although the gummies are strawberry flavored and it is a very evident flavor, there is an aftertaste and this taste reminds me of something quite specific… blood. Now it makes sense, iron is in blood of course, but red gummies with that aftertaste kind of gets to me; however, like I said earlier I don’t believe children would even notice it let alone be bothered by it, and even with the flavor it doesn’t make me nauseas still.

So What’s The Scoop?
Vitamin Friends Iron Vegetarian Gummies are organic, allergen free supplements that come in strawberry flavored gummy bears. The supplement is easy to digest with no side effects and has a wonderful marketing makeup meant specifically for kids. I suggest if your child’s pediatrician mentions low iron, buy these. Young kids won’t even realize that this is medicine, if they are particularly hard to please just say gummy bears naturally have iron in them, and that’s why they now get to have a gummy bear every morning. I think the flavor is great for kids, a little strange for adults but bearable, and I love the inclusiveness by not containing traces of any general allergens.




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