The Victor Electronic Rat Trap Gets Rid Of Rats Swiftly And Humanely

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As humans expand their suburbs further and further out, they cut into the habitat of wild animals. As this happens the wild animals have nowhere to go sometimes but into our homes, and to make matters worse the garbage and refuse we leave behind also attracts unwelcome intruders. The Victor Electronic Rat Trap is a fantastic answer to pesky rodents intruding in homes across the country. This rat trap is the answer to anyone’s rat or mice problems in their home. The unit is roughly the size of a loaf of bread and runs on four C batteries which can eliminate roughly 12 rats before needing to be replaced.

The simple design can be easily and safely baited with peanut butter and when the rat comes in contact with the metal plates inside the plastic trap, the circuit is completed and the rat is eliminated. A green indicator light will blink for up to 24 hours, alerting the user to a successful kill. With a kill rate over 90%, the Victor Electronic Rat Trap is just as efficient, if not more, than traditional traps without leaving users to deal with the corpse by hand.

The Positives
Trap has a 3-plate shock-design that reduces escapes for a 90% kill rate. Electric rate and mouse trap applies 8,500 volts for killing large rats quickly. Green indicator light flashes for up to 24 hours indicating a kill. Easy to bait with peanut butter from outside the rat control trap. Simply bait with peanut butter and 4 C batteries will kill approximately 12 rats.

The Negatives
Use caution when replacing the batteries as you can get shocked. Some reviewers said the electric rat trap had very little success in catching rats.

So What’s The Scoop?
Despite a few users who had issues with defective units that didn’t last long, many users found the Victor Electronic Rat Trap incredibly useful and enjoyed the easy clean up and disposal involved with the rat bait trap.

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