Vibrating Exercise Machine Offers A Unique Muscle Toning Workout

Last Updated on April 20, 2020 by Cassie Lyons

Looking for a way to add more fitness into your fitness routine? Consider vibration technology as found in the Body Flex Zenergy Vibes Vibration Platform. A relative newcomer to the fitness world, vibration technology uses high frequency vibrations to automatically stimulate stretching and contracting of muscles in addition to muscle use during your workout. The vibrating exercise machine gives you a place to perform basic exercise moves. For the legs, you can do step-ups and squats while resistance cables help work out the upper body. This model’s company claims you can increase stamina as well as flexibility and muscle strength.

Even if you’re just beginning to exercise or are advanced in your fitness regime. Features of this unit include a large, textured stepping platform and a control panel that easily lets you adjust vibrations and keeps track of your time. It is an upright model that has built-in wheels to assist with moving it.

The Positives
Add good vibrations to your workout with unique muscle-toning machine. Whole body vibration therapy improves muscle strength, performance and flexibility. Increase lean muscles and reduce fat with simple step-ups. Shape your legs and glutes while on the machine. Tone your upper body as you enjoy an invigorating foot massage.

The Negatives
One reviewer said that those looking for a serious workout should pass on the Body Flex Zenergy Vibes. It has no intensity settings to ramp up the workout as you train.

So What’s The Scoop?
Customers were split in their reviews of this vibrating exercise machine. It’s worth noting that some customers have found that this vibrating platform assists with back and nerve pain relief. It also should be noted there is a 220 pound weight limit for the machine.

Vibrating Exercise Machines.

Body Flex Zenergy Vibes Vibration Platform.

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  1. Product Scoop says:

    Please share with us any of your questions or comments concerning this Vibrating Exercise Machine review! Here’s the manufacturer link for the Body Flex Zenergy Vibes Vibration Platform.

  2. Linda Harsha says:

    I want to know if a person can use one of these machines if they have had a heart attack and has 5 stints in them. Person has poor circulation,arthritis,and obese. Thank you

    • Product Scoop says:

      Hi Linda, thanks for the question. It’s certainly a very safe piece of exercising equipment and part of its description says it beneficial for those rehabilitating from an injury. Since Product Scoop only reviews products, we can’t say with any certainly if it would be safe for the conditions you described. I’d suggest contacting the manufacturer with that specific question.

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