The Innovative 6 Piece Progressive International Vegetable Grater Set

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The six-piece Progressive International Grater Set has all the perks of a regular grater, plus it comes with a handy storage container for storing grated cheese, veggies and fruits. The grater set includes four blade inserts, a measuring container and a plastic frame. To use the vegetable grater, simply insert one of the blades and you’re all set to shred, dice, zest or grate. You won’t have to worry about the kitchen grater sliding about either, as non-skid feet keep the device in place. What makes the Progressive vegetable slicer so great is that it serves two purposes with one purchase. Let’s cover a few examples of this now.

For instance, you can grate a block of cheese directly into the container, snap on the lid and have fresh, shredded cheese for upcoming meals. Perhaps this is what makes the vegetable grater one-of-a-kind, with few other products like this on the market. Most products feature storage containers or a grater, but not both. The only other option is the Cook Pro Grater Set, which features 11 pieces, including different blades and a storage container.

The upside is that the Cook Pro is cheaper and offers more pieces, yet consumers didn’t mind spending the extra money for a grater that delivers professional results. Online reviews are positive, with most people agreeing that the vegetable grater is easy to use, store and keep clean. Not only is the set convenient and economical, but the grater is quality made, being able to shred and grate all types of foods.

The Positives
Grate then store cheese and veggies with Progressive’s versatile grater set. Grater set includes four blade inserts, a plastic frame, and a measuring container. Just insert blades into vegetable cutter to shred, slice, grate, and zest. Non-skid feet keep the container from moving while grating. Kitchen grater set is dishwasher safe and is covered by a one-year warranty.

The Negatives
One reviewer felt the vegetable slicer was not as big as the product pictures show. A complaint of the hand guard not being as effective as it should be.

So What’s The Scoop?
There are no true negative reviews, just a few product owners who found that this vegetable cutter wasn’t the best fit. Overall, these handy kitchen vegetable graters are easy to maintain and keep grated foods fresh.

Vegetable Grater.

Progressive International 6 Piece Frater Set.

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