This Vapor Steam Cleaner Offers Superb Performance And Durability

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As there is a push to be more ecological-minded, “going green” with cleaning is becoming popular and, some would argue, necessary. While there are a host of cleaning products on the market that consist of chemicals designed to tackle dirt and odor, there are some steam cleaners out there performing the same job with mere tap water. The Ladybug Vapor Steam Cleaner is a no-chemcials-needed cleaner for use in residential or commercial buildings. This vapor steam cleaner is built for durability, longevity and the utmost in steam cleaning performance. The ultra-heated, continuous steam will power through grime safely.

It boasts a top-notch stainless steel boiler that allows the machine to operate at a higher temperature than other models. It’s quick to heat up as well as easy to refill which can be done so “on the fly.” This model is also good for quick cleaning jobs or an entire day of clenaing the house; the model can handle both safely without overheating.

There is an impressive array of accessories included with this Ladybug vapor steam cleaner: a window cleaning tool, nylon brushes for tiles and grout, triangular and rectangular brushes, extension wands, and a flexible hose steam nozzle. A thorough instruction manual and video are also included to help you best utilize the model.

The Positives
Residential steam cleaner and can be used for lightweight commercial applications. The “on board tools” are stored handily within the base of the unit. The stainless steel tank can operate at a higher temperature (298 F). Impressive ability to clean stains, grease, caked on and semi-hidden dirt. Offers an array of useful tools to clean about anything in your home. Ladybug vapor cleaner includes an instructional video cassette and manual.

The Negatives
The Ladybug Steam Cleaner does use a lot of electricity, so be careful what else you are running at the same circuit. This model tends to be on the pricey side for a cleaner.

So What’s The Scoop?
Online reviews for this dry vapor steam cleaner were very positive. If there is one drawback, it would be the model tends to be on the pricey side for a cleaner. Otherwise, the unit looks to be a very impressive cleaner.

Vapor Steam Cleaner.

Ladybug XL Vapor Steam Cleaner Commercial Grade.

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