The Impressive Stainless Turkey Fryer Pot From Bayou Classic

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Forget spending long hours roasting a turkey in the oven, with a turkey fryer pot like the Bayou Classic 3016 30-Quart Outdoor Turkey Fryer with Basket and Fry Pot you can fry an entire turkey in less than an hour. Celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas or any other occasion with a crispy skinned, succulent, deep fried turkey and skip the tedious hours spent roasting and basting. This Turkey Fryer Pot comes with an outdoor gas burner stove, the 30-quart stockpot, a vented lid, a perforated rack. The Bayou Stainless Steel Turkey Fryer also includes a high temperature thermometer that is able to remain in the pot during frying.

The gas turkey fryer set also includes a 10-quart fry pot for smaller batches and a large steam basket that is perfect for steaming shrimp and other seafood. This set includes everything you need to give outdoor deep-frying a try. Online reviews of the Bayou Classic turkey fryer burner were largely positive, with the majority of users highly impressed with the results.

The only con I was able to uncover was the lengthy heat time for the oil, which only appeared in a handful of reviews and could have been attributed to the outdoor weather or other variables.

The Positives
Propane turkey fryer kit provides 30-quart stockpot and outdoor gas-burner stove. Aluminum and cast-iron construction for high-quality performance; 10-PSI regulator. Vented lid; perforated poultry rack; 12-inch stainless thermometer.

The Negatives
Some have had issues with the unit thermometer not being accurate. Reports that the flame simply does not get hot enough to properly fry a turkey.

So What’s The Scoop?
Many users noted that even on their first attempt at frying a whole turkey, the results were perfect and the process was nearly goof-proof. All in all this Bayou Turkey Fryer Pot sounds like a great buy for anyone tired of the same old turkey.

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