Timex Heart Rate Monitor Watch Keeps You Motivated During Exercise

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From the brand that automatically makes you think “takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin'” comes their version of a heart rate monitor. The Timex Unisex Sports Personal Heart Rate Monitor Watch has a host of features in a stylish package and very good online ratings and reviews. For use with both men and women, this Timex Heart Rate Monitor features the basic watch functions of time and date plus heart monitoring functions. This nifty monitor tracks your heart rate while you exercise and even allows you to input a target heart rate you’d like to hit while active. If your rate falls out of that desired zone, an alarm will sound to notify you.

After the workout is done, the sports heart rate monitor also lets you take a look back at the amount of time active as well as your average and peak heart rates. It’s also worth noting this model is safe to take in the water up to 30 meters. Other features of the monitor include a chest strap (which one online reviewer claims fits his 54 inch chest fine) and a resin strap.

A case, also resin, is included. Most felt it worked well. A few did question the feature that reports calories burned and felt that might not be quite accurate.

The Positives
Heart rate monitoring watch sized for both men and women. Chest strap monitor works with watch to provide target zones and time in zone. Workout review that recalls activity time and average/peak heart rates. Water resistant along with average heart rate and calories burned report features. Fitness monitor watch has alarms that notify you when you are out of the zone.

The Negatives
Some reviewers felt the calories burned report feature might not be quite accurate. A number of owners felt the documentation was under whelming.

So What’s The Scoop?
Consumers reported this heart rate watch was easy to use and simple in its design. Overall, it did appear people who owned the product generally liked it the features and quality.

Timex Heart Rate Monitor Review.

Timex Heart Rate Monitor Product.

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