The Fat Cat Black Finish 3-In-1 Pockey Table Is The Perfect Gift For Your Teen

Last Updated on December 5, 2015 by Cassie Lyons

The Fat Cat Black Finish 3-In-1 Pockey Table has a GLD latch system to safely rotate the table and switch games in seconds. The air hockey table has a white playing surface with colors and lines resembling an ice hockey rink. The pool table is made with Tetolon cloth, rubber bumpers and drop pockets. The table is only 7 feet and is the perfect height for kids and teenagers.

The Dimensions for the tables:
Pockey Table Overall Dimensions: 80in L x 44in W x 32in H
Playfield Dimensionsfor Billiards Table: 70in L x 34in W
Playfield Dimensions for Air Hockey Table: 74in L x 38in W with 110v motor
Playfield Dimensions for Trifold Table Tennis: 84″L x 42″W

Table accessories include:
Storage Rack
4 Pushers and 4 Puck
1 Set of 2 1/4″ Billiard Balls
1 Resin Triangle
2 57″ Cues
1 Billiard Brush
2 Pieces of Chalk
2 Table Tennis Paddles
2 Balls
1 Net and Post Set.

The Positives
Most found the product to be the perfect height and quality for their teenagers to teach them how to play ping pong, pool, and air hockey. It kept the kids entertained for hours and helped them learn to be able to play on a full size table when they were older.

The Negatives
When compared to a standard pool table customers felt that the product could have been made a little better even though they didn’t expect the same quality.

So What’s The Scoop?
The Fat Cat Black Finish 3-In-1 Pockey Table is the perfect addition for a kids playroom. Use this table for hours of fun during school breaks or even to teach them to play with the big boys on a full size table when they are big enough. Perfect for family game night or even just to take a break from school work.

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