Terro Liquid Ant Bait Is A Tasty Toxic Ant Brew

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If you’re having ant issues, either in your backyard in your home or apartment, you might want to try out a liquid ant bait system that is getting stellar reviews from consumers. Ants usually go for your kitchen, laundry room or bathroom since they contain exactly what ants most enjoy: moisture, food and warmth. The key is to follow the worker ants and find where they are entering your place of residence. Place the liquid ant bait near that opening to bring that toxic, yet highly tasty brew to the colony and queen. This stuff is like ice cream to the ants and they can’t help but ingest the toxic brew. They will share amply with their friends and mother (mamma) queen.

They should start ingesting the addictive mix within 1-3 hours and you should see several lines of ants waiting their turn. One reviewer said that within 24 hours, all traces of the unwelcome visitors was completely gone. This product does not kill on contact or immediately. It destroys the ants’ digestive system so be a bit patient as the formula is on a time lapse. Then after they’re all destroyed, you can seal up the spot with some caulk or duct tape. Be sure to understand that the bigger the infestation, the longer it takes to send them to their “safe place”.

The Positives
Quite a proven liquid formulation, in a convenient, pre-filled bait station. It’s is the only liquid bait station available to consumers. Patented design eliminates handling of chemicals and prevents drying out. This ant bait allows you to use it in the outdoors or indoors. Claims to kill all household ants with no drips or spills.

The Negatives
Takes a few days to work as it’s not an instant kill bait, but ants take poison back. Some report that the ants did not seem to be very eager to consume the toxic bait.

So What’s The Scoop?
Most owners reported this well designed
Reviewers report that ants seem to gobble up the toxic
ant brew with ease. There were reports of decimated any colonies as early as within 24 hours.

Terro Ant Poison.

Terro Ant Traps.

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